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Do you think that plastic doesn't fit in the garden? Then you certainly do not yet know the advantages of this material. Already prefabricated from the trade, flower bed borders made of plastic will certainly look good in your garden.

A bed border made of plastic is cheap and quick to set up

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. Brands/ where to buy
  4. care instructions
  5. equipment
  6. product types

    A large selection of plastic bed borders (€12.90) in specialist shops offers space for many design options. Plastic bed borders are available in all shapes and colors and are sometimes subtle, sometimes as eye-catching bed decorations. Basically, the variants can be divided into the following product types:

    • bed plates
    • palisades
    • low fences

    bed plates

    Bed plates are relatively flat plastic elements that you spread out along the edge of the lawn. They can easily be plugged into each other. A foundation is not necessary. Laying is not necessarily limited to the edge of the bed, but can also lead into the bed as a walkway. This type of product is often found in vegetable gardens in particular, because the border around the bed can be walked on, making maintenance and harvesting easier. In addition, the design is very simple, since plastic bed slabs clearly divide the individual sectors into rectangles. This gives your vegetable patch a structured look. Bedding plates are available in a wide range of colours, with brown models being the most popular due to their simple appearance.

    • Structured look
    • walkable
    • easy construction
    • No root barrier
    • any weed growth in the holes
    • slippery when it rains
    • low
    • only straight border possible
    our recommendation
    Garden slabs bed slabs floor slabs sidewalk 0.95 sqm 4.8m 8 pieces from rg-vertrieb
    17.10 EUR To the product


    Palisades look nice, but made of concrete or wood, they are expensive and heavy. Plastic palisades are the ideal alternative: cheap and light. It is not for nothing that this type of product is considered the absolute classic among flower bed borders. Palisades are usually offered in practical rolls that you only have to unwrap around the bed. Thanks to the flexible construction, laying curves is child's play. In addition, retailers offer a wide range of colours, heights and shapes. For example, you have the choice between smooth walls or a pile look.

    To the buying guide for palisade bed borders


    For a natural look, choose palisades with a granite look.

    • Easy construction
    • curves possible
    • also available in stone look
    • Impedes mowing the lawn along the edge of the bed
    our recommendation
    Palisade lawn edge bed border bed edging 4.05m 3 colors TOP (brown)
    13.49 EUR To the product

    low fences

    Fences in beds are particularly beautiful. Many models have playful shapes with spikes or motifs. In addition, small climbing plants can climb up the bed decoration. Such bed borders are usually made of wood or metal. However, these products come at a price. Plastic fences are an inexpensive alternative. Well-made models look deceptively real and are in no way inferior to the original made of Corten or stainless steel in terms of function.

    • Simultaneous climbing aid
    • beautiful optics
    • inexpensive
    • can also be used as a single element in the middle of the bed
    • no natural material
    • microplastics are created by friction
    our recommendation
    4-piece fence
    EUR 12.80 To the product

    Other purchase criteria

    Plastic has many advantages such as a long service life and a low purchase price. You don't have to make any compromises in terms of looks either. For a long time, plastic was considered a cheap-looking material that looked completely out of place in natural gardens. In the meantime, however, plastic bed borders with a stone or metal look look deceptively real. In order to visually enhance your garden, you should invest a little more money in a high-quality imitation. The expense is worth it.

    Brands/ where to buy

    Plastic bed borders are available almost everywhere. Here is a list of recommended providers:

    • obi
    • Hornbach
    • bauhaus
    • toom
    • Hagebau market
    • Gardena
    • Beckman
    • Aldi
    • periwinkle

    The selection in the hardware store will simply overwhelm you. Buying online is clearer. With the online giant Amazon, you can quickly find the right model thanks to the precise item descriptions. In addition, it is easy to find the cheapest product by comparing prices directly. With regard to the above-mentioned purchase criterion of the optics, however, it is advisable to go to the hardware store. The pictures on the internet do not always correspond to reality. However, you can't go wrong with plain plastic palisades with no pattern on Amazon.

    The product range of plastic bed borders is almost endless

    care instructions

    Thanks to its nature, plastic requires little maintenance. Once installed, you benefit from these advantages:

    • weather resistant
    • moisture resistant
    • durable
    • UV-resistant


    Integrated lighting not only protects against injuries and falls in the dark, but also illuminates your garden in an extraordinary way. Do without conventional lanterns and build in a plastic element that already has a lamp. The selection of these accessories ranges from hidden lights to eye-catching spotlights. Preferably use an LED light to save electricity. Of course, solar-powered lamps are even better, but they only work if your bed is in the sun.

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