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Aluminum is one of the lightest metals and is therefore ideal as a material for a snow shovel. In order to buy a really high-quality product, you should still consider a few aspects when buying. This aluminum snow shovel test reveals which features are important when purchasing a good model.

Aluminum snow shovels have proven themselves

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  1. product types
  2. Other purchase criteria
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  4. care instructions
  5. product types

    Aluminum snow shovels are available in various designs. The large selection allows you to tailor the product exactly to the intended use. In this aluminum snow shovel comparison you will find different models and their advantages and disadvantages.

    Aluminum snow shovel

    Sometimes only the blade is made of aluminum, sometimes the whole snow shovel. Since it is a comparatively light metal, the overall proportion of the material plays a rather minor role in the weight. In contrast to the snow shovel described below, an aluminum snow shovel is used to clear the snow with a pushing movement to the side. The blade is accordingly quite flat, but should be wide in order to capture as much snow mass as possible.

    • light material
    • No shoveling possible
    our recommendation
    Freund Victoria aluminum snow shovel (snow shovel sheet dimensions 50x35 cm, aluminum handle with D-handle, plastic blade with raised side edge, handle length 125 cm) 97060
    54.99 EUR To the product

    Aluminum snow shovel

    The aluminum snow shovel differs only slightly in terms of the depth of the sweeping blade to the aluminum snow shovel. The dimensions of the blade make it possible to load snow and carry it to the side of the road with a sweeping movement. This works particularly well with frozen snow, which you break up like you would with a spade and throw it onto the sheet. A snow shovel can usually not move the frozen mass.

    • Ideal for frozen snow
    • Big leaf
    • More effort required
    our recommendation
    AceCamp universal shovel, snow shovel, car shovel, length 65.5 cm, blade size: 23x26cm, aluminum shovel and handle silver/orange
    24.99 EUR To the product

    Snow shovel with telescopic handle

    Snow shovels with telescopic handles are particularly useful when the whole family is involved in the clearing service. Since everyone can adjust the length of the handle to their individual height, you maintain an ergonomic, back-friendly posture.

    • Suitable for several people
    • Back-friendly posture
    • Expensive
    our recommendation
    Auto snow shovel with telescopic aluminum handle (telescopic) blue
    To the product

    Aluminum snow shovel for children

    When the white flakes trickle down from the sky, children usually want to get hands on with them. However, large snow shovels are too heavy for the youngsters, even if they are made of a light material such as aluminium. Fortunately, manufacturers also offer models for the little ones in the appropriate size.

    • Age appropriate size
    • Lightweight
    • Hardly effective with large amounts of snow
    our recommendation
    Fiskars Kids Shovel Length 88cm Plastic Blade/Aluminum Handle Blue/Orange MyFirst Fiskars 1001421
    19.99 EUR To the product

    Other purchase criteria

    There are snow shovels that are made entirely of aluminum and those that only have a metal blade. In the case of the latter, the handle is usually made of wood. This avoids cold hands while working. In addition, an ergonomic handle at the end of the handle is very advantageous. When not in use, you can hang your snow shovel on it.

    Brands/ where to buy

    The Adlus brand in particular is known for its aluminum snow shovels. Of course, there are many other manufacturers to choose from.

    To the buying guide for snow shovels

    care instructions

    Always dry your snow shovel well after use. Otherwise the material threatens to rust when wet. You should also avoid contact with road salt or clean the snow shovel thoroughly.

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