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A collapsible rain barrel is rare, but extremely practical. In the future, save yourself the hassle of emptying it in winter and simply fold up your water butt when the time comes. After all, hardly any water is needed during the cold season. Here you will learn more about the benefits of a collapsible water butt.

A collapsible rain barrel is quick to set up and can be stowed away at any time

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    Collapsible rain barrels (€53.99) are almost always made of plastic. Although this material is not particularly valuable ecologically, it fulfills its purpose best in terms of functionality. After all, it goes without saying that stones or wood cannot simply be folded together. However, there are numerous requirements for the properties of the plastic.

    • space saving
    • different capacities
    • UV-resistant
    • No eco-friendly material
    • more prone to damage

    Watch out for PVC

    PVC is considered to be particularly robust and durable. This material is also UV-resistant and repels the sun's rays. This means that the water in your rain barrel does not start to stagnate.

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    Good workmanship

    When it comes to constant assembly and disassembly, good workmanship is particularly important when comparing rain barrels. The best material is useless if the seams cannot withstand being folded. As soon as your rain barrel bursts at this point, it is no longer suitable for use.


    Depending on the water requirement, you should choose an appropriate volume. Consider beforehand whether you just want to water a few flowers with the collected water, or whether you might even want to get water for the household from your rain barrel. But also note that a large water butt takes up more space even when folded.

    Other purchase criteria

    Even if your water butt should be easy to fold up, a certain basic stability is important. Metal rods are usually used to keep the barrel upright. Ideally, these are made of a lightweight metal such as aluminum. What use is a foldable water butt if its heavy weight makes it difficult to stow away? A lid is also a useful utensil, as mosquitoes tend to gather on the surface of the water in summer. In addition, a cover protects your water butt from falling leaves.

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    Brands/ where to buy

    Collapsible water butts are available from any hardware store or can be ordered online. With a bit of luck, even the local discounter will have such a model on offer. These products are pretty cheap. Precisely for this reason, you should check the processing carefully.

    care instructions

    Even a collapsible water butt has to be cleaned thoroughly every now and then to prevent deposits from forming. You should also take your time during assembly or disassembly. Never pull the material apart abruptly or with force and store your water butt carefully without wrinkling it.


    While you connect conventional water butts directly to the gutter, you should get a separate connection for the foldable version, which makes assembly and disassembly easier.

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