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If you cut snowdrops wrong, you literally cut yourself in the flesh. Pruned at the wrong time and in the wrong way, it is not uncommon for the snowdrop to die and not appear again the following year. So what should be considered when cutting?

Cut off old flowers

After the snowdrop has withered, it is willing to produce a capsule containing numerous small seeds. The formation of seeds costs a snowdrop an enormous amount of energy.

If you don't need the seeds, it's a good idea to cut off the wilted flowers between March and April. If you want to collect the seeds for propagation, it is sufficient to send 2 to 3 snowdrops to the seed formation. The remaining specimens are shortened on the stem. The flower stalks are cut off at the bottom immediately after flowering.

Cut off unsightly leaves

Don't like snowdrops when they're not in bloom? You want to shorten the leaves to make room for other plants? Caution: careless pruning of the leaves can mean the end of your snowdrops…

Once the fruit has formed, the onion draws important nutrients from the leaves. She needs this for the next year in order to be able to sprout again. She replenishes her nutrient depot. Before the leaves have yellowed, they should not be cut off. If they are dry and wilted, they can be cut off or twisted out. However, this procedure is not mandatory.

If the leaves are removed when they are green, the onion cannot refuel. The plant dies and does not appear again the following year. So remember not to cut off the leaves until they have turned yellowish-brown, if at all.

Snowdrops as cut flowers

Snowdrops are suitable as cut flowers for the vase:

  • After cutting, it can be kept for up to 1 week if you take good care of it
  • do not cut off wild snowdrops (are under protection)
  • better alternative: buy snowdrops in small pots for the living room (they flower for several weeks)

tips and tricks

If snowdrops are growing in the lawn, the lawn should not be mowed until the snowdrop leaves have turned yellow. Otherwise there will be no snowdrops in full bloom next year.

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