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Spring is here! Now it's time to put a colorful bouquet of flowers in the house. How about bright yellow daffodils and fiery red tulips? This idea should be reconsidered…

Tulips and daffodils don't get along

Tulips and daffodils don't get along in a vase

If there are tulips with daffodils in the vase, the tulips lose out and soon hang their heads. Why? The daffodils secrete a slimy juice. This juice clogs the tulips' ducts. As a result, the tulips can no longer absorb water and wither.

Tricks to make the daffodils harmless to the tulips

But there are two tricks how tulips can stand in a vase together with daffodils without suffering from the slimy sap of the daffodils:

  • Variant 1: Briefly hold the stem end of the daffodils in hot water
  • Variant 2: Place daffodils in a separate vase for 24 hours to slime

With the 2nd variant, you should wash the stems after 24 hours. Then come the daffodils to the tulips. But beware: the daffodils must not be re-cut. Otherwise they will start to slobber again.

Tulips and daffodils have different site requirements

Tulips and daffodils should not be planted together in a bed. While tulips like it moderately dry, daffodils prefer a humid environment. Tulips would die in a substrate that is too moist. Her onion is rotting there. On the other hand, daffodil bulbs have no problem with damp locations such as at the edge of a pond.

Both early bloomers are poisonous

One feature that both early bloomers have in common is their toxicity, among others. Daffodils, like tulips, are poisonous in all parts of the plant. Both humans and animals should refrain from consumption. Otherwise it can lead to severe poisoning and even death.

tips and tricks

Not only tulips, but also other cut flowers do not like to be together with daffodils and suffer from their neighborhood. The slimy sap quickly withers the other cut flowers.

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