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Hydrangeas are usually commercially available as small plants with a few umbels of flowers. Depending on the species, this young plant can develop into a mighty hydrangea bush several meters high. In this article we have listed the most common varieties and their height for you.

Depending on the variety, hydrangeas grow to be one to seven meters high

Size and growth form of the different varieties

The expected maximum height of the hydrangea is usually noted on the sales label of the plant. Check this carefully, as tall or spreading specimens require a lot of space. Since the hydrangea is very site-loyal, you should give the plant a place from the start where it can develop and spread in peace.

growth height of the individual varieties

hydrangea species maximum growth height particularities
peasant hydrangea 2 metres
Oakleaf Hydrangea 2 metres Vigorous growth, beautiful autumn colours
climbing hydrangea 7 meters and more Climbs with clinging roots
panicle hydrangea 2 to 4 meters Also tolerates sun
velvet hydrangea 2 metres
plate hydrangea 1 to 1.5 meters
forest hydrangea 3 meter Flowers green and white

Prune hydrangeas to limit height

In small gardens, it makes sense to cut the hydrangea regularly so that the hydrangea does not grow too sprawling and tall. Older hydrangeas also tend to grow very densely, so that many woody branches hardly leave any space for the young shoots that grow back.

Avoid radical cuts

Since the hydrangea flowers mainly on the young wood and many species already create the flower buds in the previous year, the pruning should be done over several years. Remove only a third of the heavily woody twigs from a few opposite branches at a time. This gives the fresh shoots the opportunity to develop well and the shrub retains its compact appearance.

After three to four years, the hydrangea is completely rejuvenated and you can get the desired size with yearly trimmings.

tips and tricks

Also, if you want the hydrangea to grow into tall shrubs, you should prune them back from time to time. This will prevent the hydrangea from becoming top-heavy, the branches overhanging and the shrub from breaking apart.

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