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When the eucalyptus begins to bloom, its very special charm unfolds. Whether you cultivate the tree as a container plant on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden - the appearance of the cream-colored flowers creates a Mediterranean flair in the middle of Germany.

The eucalyptus blossom is beautiful to look at

Optical features

  • Form: Umbels
  • A striking number of flowers on one umbel
  • hermaphrodite
  • rare symmetric
  • Long stamens
  • Color(s): Mostly white to off-white, but also red or yellow

Note: Eucalyptus species with red or yellow flowers are not hardy.

development of the flower

Eucalyptus flowers are pollinated by insects or birds. First, the bud, a capsule called the operculum, encloses the flower. The name eucalyptus is derived from this property. The name comes from the Greek and means

  • beautiful
  • cap (calyptus)

This refers to the cap that the operculum is visually reminiscent of. When the flower unfolds, this shell is blown open. Later, the flower develops into a cone-shaped capsule fruit.

Why isn't my eucalyptus blooming?

If your eucalyptus doesn't bloom, it's not because of the wrong location. There are two possible causes:

  • It is a homegrown plant.
  • The eucalyptus is still too young.

The propagation of a eucalyptus is very successful and easy, especially with the sowing method. The only downside to this inexpensive approach is that the eucalyptus will not bloom in this case.
You should also know that the eucalyptus rarely blooms after just one year. Often you even have to be patient for four to five years.

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