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Having a balcony is the most beautiful thing. With your own eucalyptus on the balcony, a little bit of exoticism comes into play. The bright blue of the leaves and the intense scent create a great atmosphere, especially at this location. This guide gives you many more advantages and important care instructions.

A eucalyptus needs a lot of sun

The balcony as an ideal location

In the wild, the common eucalyptus grows to a height of around 35 metres. In its homeland, far-off Australia, there are even specimens that are up to 100 meters high. Nevertheless, with a little care, you can cultivate the deciduous tree on the balcony. Keeping buckets is even extremely worthwhile, because

  • the typical smell of eucalyptus drives away insects.
  • a sunny balcony creates the best conditions for healthy growth.
  • the blue foliage is a special eye-catcher.
  • You can harvest the leaves immediately and brew them into an aromatic tea.
  • apart from the cut, the eucalyptus is undemanding.

The right eucalyptus variety

The rapid growth of the eucalyptus can lead to problems when keeping it in a bucket. It is different with the genus Eucalyptus gunii. The variety grows much more slowly and is also hardy.



The eucalyptus tolerates drought better than waterlogging. Look for a permeable substrate. To be safe, build drainage in the pot. Only water the tree when the top layer of soil has dried. If you miss watering once, that's not a problem. However, you should under no circumstances increase the next watering.


During the growing season between spring and fall, fertilize your eucalyptus with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

To cut

Keeping it on the balcony is only possible with regular pruning. This can also be strong. Always remove brown leaves and cross branches.


Due to the rapid growth, the eucalyptus must be repotted at certain intervals (about twice a year), especially in the first few years. You can tell that the time has come by the roots growing out of the bucket.

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