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It is not difficult to grow a walnut tree in a pot yourself. All you need is fresh walnuts paired with a bit of luck. You should also make sure from the start that you have enough space in your garden for a gigantic walnut tree, because the plant gets very large over the years. Learn how easy it is to get a walnut to grow and thrive!

Walnuts can be grown well in pots

Cultivation in pots explained step by step

  1. For a strong seedling you need five to six fresh walnuts (not from the supermarket!).
  2. Remove the green peel.
  3. Do the swim test to sort out dead nuts (healthy nuts sink to the bottom, unfit ones float to the top).
  4. Take a flower pot and fill it with damp leaves.
  5. Place the nuts on the foliage.
  6. Put some garden soil on the nuts.
  7. Close the pot tightly with chicken wire (14.99€) (keeps rodents away).
  8. Dig the pot into the ground in your garden (to protect against frost damage).
  9. The shells open between late March and early April. As a result, root and shoot appear.
  10. Transplant the walnuts into a fresh flower pot with garden soil. But now insert the nuts close to the surface.
  11. Place the pot in a bright, cool place until after the ice saints to protect the walnut seeds from frost. Temperatures of two to ten degrees are ideal.
  12. Keep the potting soil slightly moist.
  13. Place the seedlings in your desired place in the garden after the following ice saints.
  14. Water the seedlings regularly for the first few weeks after this measure, especially on warm, dry days.
  15. In the first year, the plants grow about 25 to 30 centimeters in height.
  16. From the seedlings, determine the two or three strongest seedlings. Pull all others carefully out of the ground.
  17. Next spring you select the most beautiful walnut baby. Cut off the weaker plants below the root neck (in the ground). This will prevent these specimens from growing further. Caution: Don't pull any more here, so as not to damage the roots of the chosen pupil.
  18. In the third or fourth year it is time for the first cut.


In order to accelerate growth and get the first harvest faster, grafting makes sense.

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