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Not only garden furniture but also terraces, balconies and walkways can be made of wood. If they are to last a long time, they need appropriate care and regular but gentle cleaning of moss and dirt.

Home remedies help remove moss on wood

Cleaning wooden garden furniture

Garden furniture, like fences, always has places that are not so easy to reach. These are, for example, connections and narrow spaces. Accordingly, cleaning cannot be done with a scrubber and full force, but rather with a (small) brush. The necessary pressure is often difficult to achieve with this, which is why the use of auxiliary and cleaning agents makes sense.

If possible, do not use any chemical cleaning agents in the garden, as these can seep into the ground and contaminate the groundwater. Wooden garden furniture is easy to clean and remove moss with a vinegar solution or soda. Soft soap (€44.90) is also ideal. Then rinse the cleaned wooden objects with clear water. If there is little soiling, brushing is often sufficient.

Clean wooden surfaces in the garden

You can easily clean larger areas in the garden, such as paths or the terrace, with a scrubbing brush. The fewer cleaning agents you use, the more effort you have to use, but you protect the environment as well as the animals and plants in your garden. You can also clean concrete this way. A thick layer of moss should be removed beforehand by scraping it off with a shovel.

A high-pressure cleaner (€119.90) makes it easier for you to remove moss and dirt, but it can also change the structure of the wood so that dirt accumulates more quickly or moss grows. Bankirai contains essential oils that prevent the attachment of microorganisms. As a result, it is probably less susceptible to the growth of moss and co.

Means to remove moss from wood:

  • brush or mop
  • water or high-pressure cleaner
  • soda
  • vinegar
  • soft soap


Avoid using harsh cleaning products in the garden. In this way you protect the environment in general, but especially the plants and animals in your own garden.

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