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A terrarium can definitely be a very expensive and time-consuming hobby, so some people quickly get the idea of saving some money by doing it themselves. Moss grows everywhere, but can you use any moss for a terrarium?

Many types of moss are protected and may not be collected

Can I collect moss in the forest?

A lot of moss grows in the forest and there are even different species. Simply collecting this for the terrarium at home is not a good idea. Some mosses are under nature protection, collecting them is forbidden. White and grove mosses are threatened with extinction, as are peat mosses.

What do I need for a terrarium?

If you want to create a mini terrarium to decorate your home, all you need is a disused mason jar with a screw cap, some soil, a piece of moss and a few other small plants such as wood sorrel, which grows in conditions similar to moss. Here you can definitely use moss from your garden, maybe you will even find different species there.

Create a small landscape with soil, moss, small plants and possibly pebbles or a piece of wood on the lid of your mason jar. Moisten the moss a little and carefully screw the jar onto the lid. Your mini terrarium is ready.

Which moss is suitable for terrariums?

If you want to create a large terrarium for insects or lizards to live in, then the moss should have the same climatic preferences as the animals. Native moss usually grows in partial shade or shade, on cool, slightly acidic and slightly moist soil. Lizards, on the other hand, prefer warmth. You can find suitable moss for these conditions in special terrarium shops, also on the Internet.

The essentials in brief:

  • do not collect protected species in the forest
  • only take non-protected species in small quantities
  • Removal from the garden usually unproblematic
  • Do not damage roots when collecting
  • Keep moss moist for good growth
  • move as little as possible
  • ventilate sufficiently


Use moss from your own garden for your terrarium, which you want to remove there anyway. This may save you additional measures.

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