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The blossom of the ash tree is beautiful to look at, but causes significant symptoms in allergy sufferers. With the knowledge of when the ash tree blooms, it is possible to adapt to the symptoms and to provide oneself with home remedies and medicine in good time. Read here when those affected are at acute risk.

Ash blossom often causes allergies in susceptible individuals

When does the ash tree bloom?

The ash tree is a special feature during the flowering period. It occurs before the leaves sprout. Thus, the deciduous tree blooms quite early from March to May.

characteristics of the flower

  • greenish
  • lateral panicles
  • hermaphroditic or unisexual

Flowering only in old age

However, if you have planted a young ash tree in the garden, you will have to be patient until the first buds form. The first buds do not sprout and the ash tree becomes mature until it is 20 years old at the earliest. In the stand, the flowers appear even later. Then they appear for the first time from the age of 40 or 45. Compared to the maximum life expectancy - an ash tree can live up to 300 years - this is a rational ratio.

More interesting facts

The blossoms of the ash are quite inconspicuous in their outward appearance, but they have it all. They trigger strong reactions in allergy sufferers. Being a deciduous tree of the oil family, the birch, a relative, also blooms around this time. The complaints are therefore often of double intensity. In addition, the ash produces a very large amount of pollen.
Furthermore, the ash is the only deciduous tree that is pollinated by the wind. The flowers can be either male or female.

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