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The elm also has a species-rich occurrence in this country. Although numerous varieties look very similar, they nevertheless have special features that distinguish their genus. Could you tell a field elm from a wych elm right away? No? Then you should definitely find out more about the different characteristics of both types of elm in this article so that you know exactly what you are talking about from now on.

The field elm has serrated leaves

Characteristics of the field elm

  • maximum height: 30 m
  • spherical crown
  • taproot
  • monoecious
  • elliptical, serrate leaves in alternate arrangement

Characteristics of the Wych Elm

  • maximum growth height: 40 m
  • dense crown. that goes far down
  • cracked, thick bark with numerous branches
  • located in mountains

Leaves and flowers as a sure differentiator

The field elm and the mountain elm differ first of all in their growth height. Here the field elm lags behind the maximum growth of the wych elm by a few meters. Nevertheless, the size of a solitary tree is difficult to assess with the naked eye. If you want to be sure of distinguishing the elm from the field elm, you should take a look at the shape of the flowers and leaves. While the leaves of the field elm only have a single point, those of the wych elm usually have three points. The structure of the surface also provides information about which tree it is. The wych elm has a rough, hairy upper leaf surface, while the underside of the leaf is soft. It is different with the field elm. Here the upper surface of the leaf is smooth and shiny. You can also recognize the field elm by a long leaf stalk, which is only very short in the case of the wych elm.
Another reliable distinguishing feature is the flower. In the parchment-like wing you can see the seed inside. In the case of the wych elm, the seed is placed in the middle. The field elm bears its seed on the edge of the wing.

useful information

The field elm and the mountain elm are closely related. However, if you take it very seriously, the field elm is a subspecies of the wych elm that emerges from it.

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