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Such a raised bed is not only a practical matter for people with back problems: vegetables, herbs and flowers grow at a comfortable working height, so that you do not have to bend down for maintenance work or for harvesting. But what material should you build your raised bed out of? There are many ways to do this and the right border for the bed depends on how durable you want the raised bed to be and how much money you can spend on it.

A border of branches is cheap and looks original

Raised beds can be made from many materials

Many raised beds are finished in a classic way with a wooden border. Basically, however, you have the choice between many different materials, because it is not the wood that makes the raised bed - but its height and the filling. A traditionally filled compost raised bed offers a whole range of advantages, from the higher temperature in the bed to the nutrient supply. But whether the bed box is made of wood, stone or metal is irrelevant and entirely up to you.


A raised bed with a wooden border should be carefully lined with waterproof foil or fleece to separate the bed filling, which is always moist, from the wood and thus protect it from rotting. Wooden slats are usually used to build raised beds, but palisades, planks, whole trunks or thick branches, hazelnut rods or wickerwork made of willow branches are also suitable.


Beds with a stone border are much more durable than a wooden raised bed. For this you can take natural or concrete blocks and build them either in drywall or in a mortared wall. A foundation is also essential. Stone raised beds can also be clad very well, for example with wood.


A plastic raised bed is perfect for the balcony or terrace due to its low weight. However, there are also large plastic raised bed borders for the garden that are very durable and withstand wind and weather well. However, they are not particularly ecological.


A special eye-catcher is always a raised bed with a metal border - especially if it shows an age patina. Raised beds made of Corten steel, for example, are very tasteful and extremely durable.


If you want to build a new raised bed, you don't necessarily have to buy the necessary materials expensively. Upcycling is the magic word or, in good German: Make new from old! You can create great raised bed borders from a wide variety of starting materials.

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