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Thanks to inexpensive complete sets in online shops, you can easily make a green roof yourself. In the following you will find out what costs arise, what these complete sets contain and what you should pay attention to.

Greening a pitched roof is more complex than greening a flat roof

Extensive versus intensive green roofs

In general, two types of green roof are defined, which differ in their structure thickness: The extensive green roof has a layer height of 6 to 24 cm and the intensive green roof starts with a layer thickness of 25 cm and reaches up to one meter. The intensive green roof resembles a roof garden and can be planted and used in a similar way to a "normal" garden - even small trees can be grown here. This type of green roof is hardly possible to build yourself, especially since the statics of the roof must first be examined to ensure that the roof can withstand such a weight, namely several hundred kilos per square meter (!).
For do-it-yourself, therefore, only the extensive roof greening comes into question, which, as already mentioned, can be purchased cheaply in complete sets.

How much does the do-it-yourself green roof cost?

The prices of the complete packages vary a little. In general, a green roof set costs about 40 to 69€ per square meter. We have compiled the exact prices of different providers for you in this article. The scope of the sets is similar. They should contain the following:

  • Protective film or root protection film
  • drainage mats
  • filter mat
  • control shafts
  • substrate

Most sets also contain plant sprouts or seeds, e.g. of sedum species, kitchen herbs or meadow grasses. In this article, we will explain which plants are suitable for green roofs and what you should pay attention to when making your selection.

How is a green roof made by yourself?

Doing your own green roof with the complete set is very easy. After thoroughly cleaning the roof, lay out the individual layers one after the other. Nothing needs to be glued or screwed. The individual foils, panels and fleece are simply laid on top of each other. Only certain overlaps and the correct order have to be observed. Therefore, you do not need any special tools for laying, a good cutter knife or an equivalent cutting tool is sufficient. You can find out how to lay your own green roof step by step in our instructions.


To save time and work, it is best to have two people install a green roof. Adequate safety must also be ensured!

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