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The width of a garden path is not only of visual importance, it is also important for use. It is therefore best to ask yourself before planning your garden paths in detail how you want to use the new path.

The width depends primarily on the use of the garden path

How is the garden path used?

If your new path leads to a cozy seat in the garden corner or if it is only used very rarely, then it does not have to be wider than about 40 cm. Such a path does not necessarily have to be paved, a surface made of gravel or bark mulch looks less compact. You can also use these surfaces to design a path very individually with curves and arches.

The situation is quite different when it comes to a practical “journey to work”. For example, if it leads to your laundry area or if you want to drive a wheelbarrow over it when doing your garden work, then it should be relatively wide and not unnecessarily curved. Ideally, such a path is paved

Are there guidelines for the width of a garden path?

You don't have to keep reinventing the wheel, so you can draw on the experience of other people when planning a garden path. A width of at least 1.20 m is recommended for main paths that lead to the front door of a single-family home, for example. This width is enough for two people to walk comfortably side by side.

If several people should be able to walk next to each other, then allow for a width of 60 cm per person, and maybe an additional 30 cm for any bags that may need to be carried. For regularly used byways, for example to compost, a width of about 40 to 80 cm is sufficient, depending on whether they are used with a wheelbarrow or not.

Directions to sidewalk width:

  • approx. 60 cm per person on main paths
  • approx. 30 cm additionally for bags or the like
  • Distance to hedges or walls: approx. 30 cm
  • approx. 40 to 80 cm for frequently used byways
  • approx. 40 cm for little-used paths


A distance of 30 cm from hedges or walls makes sense for main paths so that you can walk comfortably on them.

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