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Not every garden owner finds paved garden paths beautiful, others shy away from the work of creating such a path. An attractive alternative could be a garden path made of gravel, but this path should also be carefully planned and laid out.

A gravel path should also have a substructure

Where is a gravel path particularly suitable?

With a gravel path, you are not bound to predetermined shapes, such as with a path made of paving slabs. Therefore, you can create wonderfully curved paths with gravel. A variation in the width of the garden path is also easily possible with gravel. However, you should not overdo it, otherwise the path and thus your garden will quickly appear restless and therefore perhaps inharmonious.

Does a gravel path need a substructure?

A garden path made of gravel should also be given a substructure so that it lasts a long time and looks well-groomed. The substructure, also known as the base layer, prevents the gravel or crushed stone from mixing with the earth underneath. Thanks to the substructure, weeds don't grow as quickly on the path, which makes maintenance easier for you.

How do I create a gravel path?

A gravel path is quite easy to make yourself and is often cheaper than a paved path. If the path is to be easy to walk on, then choose finer gravel or grit. (46.95€) Coarse gravel isn't quite as easy to walk on.

Then mark out the path exactly and dig it out about 15 to 20 cm deep. The path should probably not be higher than the beds next to it. Curbs are not absolutely necessary for a gravel path, but they can be a stylistic design element.

As a base layer, you put a mineral mixture on the future path. This layer should be about 10 to 15 cm thick. If you would like to install a weed fleece (€21.70), then it goes between the base layer and the gravel. Distribute the desired gravel, crushed stone or grit evenly over it.

Step by step to the gravel path:

  • plan way
  • get supplies


Fine-grained gravel or grit is easier to walk on than coarse gravel.

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