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Whether curved or straight, made of bark mulch, concrete or wood - practically every garden has one or more paths. They are an important design feature, but they also have practical uses. Like the service life of the path, this depends on its surface.

Mulch is suitable for garden paths that are rarely walked on when wet

Why do I need a garden path?

Garden paths give your garden structure and allow you to walk through the different areas of your garden with dry feet and clean shoes. You can also protect your lawn or flower beds in this way, for example. Sometimes a few stepping stones are enough to indicate a path and avoid a "trail".

How can I create a garden path?

The possibilities for creating a garden path are almost endless. It can be wide or narrow, run through the entire garden, separate or connect beds. There are various computer programs with which you can plan the garden design virtually. You will also find many opportunities for inspiration in specialist shops and hardware stores.

Which coverings are suitable for garden paths?

The garden path does not always have to be paved. Bark mulch or wood are also very suitable for paths that are (almost) only used in dry weather. However, wooden paths often become a bit slippery when it rains. Pay attention to a rough structure so that you can always walk on it safely.

Bark mulch on the garden path looks very nice. Water can seep away well there. On the other hand, this covering is not as durable as, for example, concrete or pavers. With persistent rain and at the same time frequent use, such a path easily becomes muddy and unsightly.

A self-cast garden path is perhaps a little more complex, but very individual. You can find material for this on the market. A garden path made of gravel is a little easier to create, but it also needs the right substructure.

Possible coverings for garden paths:

  • pave garden path
  • cast path plates
  • bark mulch
  • wood
  • gravel
  • custom cast garden path


Let your imagination run wild and use different coverings for your garden paths. This is particularly attractive in a large garden.

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