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Many a disused Euro pallet becomes creative patio furniture or rustic balcony boxes in its second life. Hobby gardeners with a penchant for upcycling simply convert pallets into stable cold frames. This guide explains how magical transformation works.

Pallets can be used in many ways - also in the garden for the cold frame

Material and tool list

You will need the following materials and tools to convert Euro pallets (€29.99) into frames for a cold frame:

  • 4 pallets
  • screws and nails
  • crowbar
  • jigsaw
  • hammer

Later, as a cover, screw an old wooden window with a hinge to the pallet frame so that you can air the cold frame regularly.

Step-by-Step Guide - How to do it right

In order for the 4 Euro pallets to form a rectangular cold frame, the outer wooden feet on 2 pallets are pushed inwards. Here's how to do it professionally:

  • Lay 2 pallets upside down on the floor
  • Saw off the outer wooden block feet from the crossbars
  • Lift your feet out with the pry bar
  • Knock nails over with a hammer
  • Push the cut wooden blocks in under the crossbars and screw them together

In the final assembly step, place all 4 pallets upright so that they form a closed frame. Use screws to connect all side parts together.

Finish and fill the pallet cold frame - this is how it works

The special advantage of a cold frame made of Euro pallets is that you don't have to dig for the warming filling. Line the wooden box with weatherproof foil and carry it to a sunny spot in the garden. Lay out the space provided with vole wire and place the self-made pallet cold frame on it.

First fill the bed with 10 cm of leaves. On top, add a 20cm layer of horse manure, followed by a 20cm layer of garden soil and compost. Finally, attach the cover and close the cold frame for 1 to 2 weeks. After this time, the decomposition process of the filling has created the ideal heat for the first seeds and plants.


With the right filling as a heat source, the planting season in your garden lasts well into autumn. You can still sow lettuce and radishes here in September/October, which will give you a vitamin-rich, crispy fresh harvest in November.

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