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Even a small garden or balcony can be a real refuge for relaxation if the necessary privacy is ensured by a suitable privacy screen. When choosing plants, there are good reasons to choose correspondingly high-growing, magnificently blooming flowers.

Larkspur grows tall enough to serve as a privacy screen

Benefits of a flower privacy screen

A privacy screen made of flowers can offer several advantages at the same time:

  • the fragrant scent of the flowers
  • Nectar and pollen for bees and other environmentally important insects
  • colorful flowers as a visual accent in the garden and on the balcony
  • delicate alternative to walls and hedges
  • seasonally limited to the main usage time of the garden

While high walls and hedges can quickly make a garden look shady, uncomfortable and cramped in winter, a seasonal privacy screen made of flowers offers an attractive demarcation from the street or neighboring properties during the main period of use of terraces and lawns between spring and autumn. In addition, many ideas for a blooming, green privacy screen can be implemented relatively quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Differences between annual and perennial flowering plants

If you want to try out the look of a blooming privacy screen relatively inexpensively, then you can fall back on annual privacy screens such as the black-eyed Susanne or the climbing nasturtium. These thrive with little care even under adverse conditions. A screen made of high-growing sunflowers or gladioli planted in a row also lasts only one year. However, there are also perennial perennials, such as the autumn aster, tall-growing lupine species or the blue poppy, which are well suited for blooming privacy screens in the garden. Due to the location exposed to the wind, flowering climbing plants such as clematis (Clematis) are ideal for blooming privacy screens on the balcony.

Particularly popular privacy screen plants with lush flowers

The following, particularly magnificently flowering plant species are often used as flowering hedges in the garden:

  • sunflowers
  • dahlias
  • canna
  • steppe candle
  • delphinium
  • coneflower
  • peony
  • torch lily


Climbing plants can be an effective privacy screen for the balcony or garden over time on an appropriate grid or net. Of course, such a privacy screen must also be attached in a sufficiently stable manner. In addition, flowering climbing plants such as honeysuckle, knotweed and wisteria are heavy consumers who need sufficiently large planters and regular fertilization.

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