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Star of Egypt is a rarely used name for a houseplant that is usually kept as an annual. The flower is not hardy and must be overwintered frost-free. This effort is not always worthwhile.

The Star of Egypt can only be outside in summer

Star of Egypt is not hardy

As a plant from tropical regions, the star of Egypt is not hardy and must therefore not be exposed to low temperatures.

Usually the flower is only grown once a year, since overwintering is not worthwhile. If you want to try growing a star of Egypt perennial, it will only work if you provide ideal conditions after flowering.

Rest after flowering

After flowering, the Star of Egypt needs a longer period of rest if it is to flower again the following year. Depending on the season, place the plant a little cooler for about eight weeks. Water only enough to keep the root ball from drying out completely. Do not fertilize during the dormant period.

This is how you winter or summer a star of Egypt properly

  • Bright location
  • not sunny
  • 10 - 15 degrees
  • water very little
  • do not fertilize

Since the star of Egypt is not hardy, in winter you need to put it in a place where temperatures do not drop below eight degrees. Ideal winter temperatures are between 10 and 15 degrees.

Make sure there is sufficient humidity during this time. If necessary, spray the leaves with water or set up open bowls of water.

When the Star of Egypt blooms, do not spray the flowers with water.

Summer outside star of Egypt

The Egyptian star doesn't like the cold, but it appreciates a spot outside in the summer. He then prefers a location that is airy and partially shaded. Direct sunlight, especially around midday, doesn't do him any good.

If you are caring for a Penta indoors in the summer, do not place it in a south-facing flower window as the sun exposure is too great there.

In summer, temperatures should be around 20 degrees.


The Star of Egypt is a houseplant native to tropical regions in Africa and Arabia. It flowers all year round, but is usually sold as a flowering plant in autumn.

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