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Peyote is a cactus that doesn't grow very tall and doesn't have any thorns. It is not only planted for its unusual appearance, but also often for its psychoactive substances. How to plant peyote.

Peyote likes it light and warm

What location is best for peyote?

Peyote needs a very bright, preferably sunny location all year round. In the room it can be drawn on a flower window.

In summer you are welcome to take the peyote outside. Find a sheltered spot where the cactus is not exposed to constant rain.

What should the substrate be like?

Cactus soil that is not too nutritious is not suitable as a substrate. Experienced growers recommend a pumice-based mineral mix.

How do you plant peyote?

  • Choose a deep pot
  • create a drainage layer
  • fill with substrate
  • Plant peyote carefully

Peyote develops a long taproot. The pot should be correspondingly deep. It must also have a sufficiently large drainage hole, as waterlogging is very harmful.

Lay a drainage layer of gravel at the bottom of the pot. Fill the jar with substrate and carefully insert the peyote. When planting, be careful not to damage the root.

How is peyote propagated?

Peyote is propagated either from cuttings or from seeds. To grow offshoots from cuttings, cut side shoots directly above the root and place on nutrient-poor growth substrate.

Seeds are harvested from ripe fruit or bought in stores. It is sown thinly and not covered.

How do you get peyote to bloom?

Peyote only develops a lot of flowers if you give it a longer rest in winter. During this time it is kept at temperatures around ten degrees and only very sparingly poured.

However, many years pass before a peyote flowers for the first time.

The flowering time is in summer. The flowers open in the morning and close again in the afternoon. Each flower blooms for up to three days.


The care of the peyote cactus is not forbidden despite the ingredients. However, it is not allowed to consume the cactus. Some of the ingredients such as peyocactin have an antibiotic effect and are therefore used in medicine.

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