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Echinopsis is a type of cactus that initially develops spherical and later elongated shoots. If you take good care of this type of cactus, beautiful flowers will develop from the third year, which can be larger than the cactus itself. What do you have to consider when caring for Echinopsis?

Echinopsis only blooms with proper care

How do you water Echinopsis correctly?

In spring and summer, water Echinopsis plentifully so that the root ball is well moistened. It is essential to avoid waterlogging. Therefore, always pour off excess water immediately.

In autumn and winter, the cactus only gets enough water so that the root ball is just slightly damp.

Like all cacti, Echinopsis does not like calcareous water. Water with rainwater if possible.

When is the cactus fertilized?

Only fertilize the cactus during the growth phase, if at all. A normal cactus fertilizer given at fortnightly intervals will suffice.

Are you allowed to cut Echinopsis?

The Echinopsis develops numerous side shoots that rob the cactus of the power to flower. Therefore, always cut off weak and dried-up shoots immediately. To propagate, cut offshoots in spring.

When is Echinopsis repotted?

The Echinopsis is only repotted when the previous pot is completely rooted. Fill a slightly larger planter with cactus soil and carefully insert the cactus. To protect against the spines, you should wrap the cactus body with a terry towel.

After repotting, you must not fertilize the Echinopsis for several months.

What diseases and pests can occur?

When waterlogged, the roots rot. Spots on the shoots indicate fungal diseases.

Mealybugs and mealybugs are more common, especially when the humidity is very low.

How do you care for Echinopsis in winter?

  • set cooler
  • pour little
  • do not fertilize

In winter, place the Echinopsis in a cool place with temperatures around ten degrees. Only when the cactus gets a winter rest will it develop flowers. Make sure that the winter place is as bright as possible.


Echinopsis is propagated by side shoots that you cut in the spring. The interfaces have to dry for several days before you put the Echinopsis offshoots in prepared seed pots (€16.68).

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