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There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to beautifying the garden with a mosaic. With pebbles you collected yourself from your last holiday or from the nearest gravel pit, you can conjure up artistic shapes for paths, stairs or as wall decorations. Using stepping stones as an example, these instructions explain how to create a garden mosaic yourself.

Colorful mosaic walls enhance every garden

materials and preparatory work

No mosaic master has fallen from the sky yet. If you are making a mosaic for the first time, you are welcome to use a template. Alternatively, lay out pebbles freehand on sand to find out the optical effect of the mosaic. The following materials are required to craft Beautiful Mosaic Stepping Stones yourself:

  • Pebbles and pottery shards of different colors
  • flower pot trivet
  • sand
  • trass cement
  • Silicone spray or vegetable oil
  • mason's vat or bucket

For a varied appearance, ideally use trivets in different sizes.

Instructions for a colorful mosaic - this is how it works

First oil the coasters so that the finished mosaic shapes can be removed more easily later. Then mix the desired amount of concrete from water, 2 parts sand and 1 part cement. Aim for a quark-like consistency. This is how it goes on:

  • Pour 5 cm of concrete into a saucer
  • Lay the mosaic stones so deep that they are three quarters of their height in the concrete
  • Place in a semi-shady to shady spot to dry

After 24 to 36 hours the concrete is largely dry. Remove the gray cement haze with a damp sponge. Now you can release the stepping stones from the mold. Please wait at least 14 days before you can lay the mosaic stepping stones in the garden. Only after this time is the concrete fully hardened.

Garden areas made of pebble mosaic - this is how it works

In a slightly modified form, you can use this method to create complete garden paths or a terrace covering as a mosaic. To do this, dig the surface 10 to 15 cm deep and fill it with a dry sand-cement mixture. Then lay out the pebbles as a mosaic.

If you are satisfied with the artistic arrangement, press the tesserae down with a board until they protrude by a maximum of 5 mm. Spray the surface repeatedly and carefully with water until the sand-cement mix sets. For the next 14 days, protect your artistic garden mosaic from the blazing sun and rain with tarpaulins.


You can easily make garden figures from frost-resistant, colorful ceramic shards and plaster of paris. A semi-circular shape is transformed into a pretty ladybug for beds and balconies with red and black mosaic stones.

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