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The allotment garden has shed its dusty image. For young families in the big city and in the village, having your own garden is more popular than ever. This applies to the plot in the allotment garden colony as well as to the garden on the new building site. Parallel to the new trend, the gazebo has changed from the rustic log cabin to the modern weekend home. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when building do-it-yourself.

A ready-made arbor is cheap and easy to set up

Regulations set the direction

The image of the bourgeois pipit has long since been overcome, but the old regulations are still valid. Therefore, the local development plan should first be consulted to determine whether any structures are permitted at all. The following premises apply to the construction of a gazebo:

  • Maximum covered area: 24 sqm
  • Ridge height saddle roof: 3.50 m
  • Ridge height of pent roof: 2.50 cm

A gazebo is not permitted for permanent living. In addition, one third of the garden area is reserved for growing vegetables, so the arbor cannot take up more than two thirds of the total area.

Work steps in time lapse - this is how you proceed professionally

Careful planning guarantees that the construction work will run smoothly. Local wood as the most important building material is trendy and sustainable at the same time. The range extends from pressure-treated spruce to robust larch and fine Douglas fir. Screed concrete makes the mixing machine superfluous. Insulation material from a single source ensures that everything fits together. The following steps mark the complete process to the finished gazebo:

  • Create the foundation with concreted floor beams, floor plates and floor insulation
  • Erect the walls with double-sided planking for the insulating material
  • Build the roof construction as a pent roof for later greening
  • For embellishment and to protect against wind and rain, clad the arbor walls with decorative profile boards

At the end of the construction work, the interior of your gazebo is on the agenda. Now the windows are installed, because the rooms should be flooded with light. A plank floor made of splinter-free wood invites you to walk barefoot carefree. Walls lined with plasterboard are excellent for painting in beautiful colors.

Designer gazebos as a kit - contemporary and easy on the nerves

It is thanks to the kits by the architect duo Nanni Grau and Frank Schönert that the classic gazebo has finally made the leap into the 21st century. With 16 square meters, large glass doors and a 5 square meter terrace, even the mini gazebo 'MiLa' offers everything a gardener's heart desires. There is even space for an organic toilet and sleeping loft.

Where space and budget allow, 'CaLa', the Camäleon arbor, comes into its own. Thanks to colorful facades made of wood, corrugated iron or plaster, the designer gazebo harmonises with any garden style. Functional areas from the bathroom, kitchen, cupboards and sleeping loft mark the change from the gazebo to a modern weekend retreat.


If the garden design is based on the principles of Feng Shui teachings, the location of the gazebo is chosen in the rear area of the property. At this point, the wooden house stabilizes the flow of positive energies on the back border. Ideally, a curved path connects the house and the garden house (€24.90).

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