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Gabions give the modern garden an original and contemporary image. Stylish in look and functional in conception, creative ideas can be realized with the stone-filled wire baskets. Browse through a repertoire of imaginative usage variants for stylish garden design with gabions.

Gabions are very popular for slope stabilization

Stability on slopes with gabions - that's how it works

Gabions were originally designed to stabilize slopes in the Italian Alps. Today resourceful gardeners use the galvanized wire baskets to decorate a garden on a hillside and cost-effectively. With a concrete foundation, gabion walls are transformed into decorative gravity walls. Green bargain hunters fill in valuable natural stones on the visible side and inexpensive gravel stones on the non-visible back.

With the help of plant bags, undemanding rock garden plants can be placed between the stones for a natural appearance. This pleases insects and other beneficial insects, which find a protected retreat here. If you integrate weatherproof spotlights between the stone filling, the sober gabion wall transforms into a mysterious wall at night.

Creative ideas for garden design - inspiration and suggestions

The use of gabions as slope reinforcement was the starting signal for a multitude of imaginative design ideas. Be inspired by the following collection:

  • Decorative room dividers in the modern garden as an alternative to dry stone walls
  • Screening wall for rubbish bins, planted with evergreen climbing plants
  • Garden bench made of 3 stone baskets (100x50x50 cm) with a grid cover and planks of wood as a seat
  • Rose arch with gabions as the basis for the romantic garden with trendy flair
  • Gabion wall with integrated grill or built-in fireplace

Tired of the hassle of carrying stones to fill gabions? Then use the galvanized wire baskets as a frame for a raised bed. The lattice mats are laid out with weatherproof coconut mats (€21.90) and filled with plant soil. A raised bed with a modern style is ready.


With gabions you can conjure up a herbal spiral with a contemporary look. With stone-filled wire baskets as the outer form, you bridge the gap between traditional herb cultivation and modernity. By integrating the sun-worshippers among the herb species with planting bags into the stone filling, you increase the growing area and give your gabion herb spiral a special flair.

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