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One of the necessary care measures for the garden house is to repaint it regularly. Rain, snow and sunlight would damage the unprotected wood, causing it to rot. In addition, the untreated surface offers an ideal breeding ground for mold and fungus.

If you want to avoid sanding, you can apply primer

The preparation

There are two options here:

  • Thorough sanding of the wood surface.
  • The application of primer, which you then simply paint over.

When is the preparatory cut recommended?

You should do this quite time-consuming work when the surface is already weathered. The material is thus optimally prepared for subsequent treatment with a paint. Even if you want to use a less pigmented stain, you should sand the wood so that the natural wood grain can be seen again.

When is the application of primer sufficient?

Since this work can be done comparatively quickly, many prefer simple painting. However, weathered areas are only covered by the primer. Old paint residues that could flake off remain on the wood. This method is therefore only recommended if the house is still in very good condition.

How is it sanded?

To ensure that the subsequent coat of paint can be applied easily and adheres well, there are a few basic things to consider:

  • Sand gently to avoid cracking or breaking the wood. Better to work by hand at critical points.
  • Several sanding passes are usually necessary to thoroughly remove all old layers of paint.
  • An 80 grit is suitable for the preliminary sanding, and a 120 grit, better even a 180 grit, for the fine sanding.

The new coat of paint

Regardless of whether you are repainting the sanded house or painting over primer, the procedure remains largely the same:

  • Always paint on a dry but cloudy day.
  • Sweep or vacuum all surfaces well.
  • Then it may be sanded and vacuumed again.
  • Tape off areas that are not to be painted with masking tape.
  • Apply primer or a primer.
  • Paint or glaze at least twice.


How long the new coat of paint lasts does not only depend on the weather conditions. Wood stains only last about two years, and paintwork needs to be renovated about every four years.

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