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Building your own swimming pond can save you thousands of euros. Nevertheless, work such as project planning for the natural pool and its technology should be carried out in cooperation with a specialist company. In addition, prefabricated complete sets are a cost-saving alternative.

Swimming ponds must be deep enough

In view of the high costs involved in having a swimming pond built by a professional, many property owners tend to lend a hand with their natural pool. In terms of approach, it is definitely the cheaper solution, especially since, ideally, expensive filter and water treatment systems can be dispensed with. Nevertheless, specialist knowledge is essential when it comes to correct construction, suitable materials or optimal dimensioning. Reading specialist books is by no means enough, so going it alone, which can later lead to costly corrections, is strongly advised.

What can the layperson do and what not?

Foil, concrete, clay, there are a variety of ways to build a swimming pond on your own. Nevertheless, at least the planning of the natural pool should definitely be done together with a natural pond expert, who will charge a fee of between 1,000 and 2,000 euros for this. With the simplest design as a liner pond, it is recommended that you leave the watertight welding of the membranes to a specialist company. Earthworks, which devour a significant part of the investment costs, can easily be carried out by a physically fit builder himself with the support of a rental excavator and a few helpers.

Swimming pond costs with prefabricated kits

If you opt for an (almost) ready-made pool from an experienced manufacturer, considerable savings are possible when building your own swimming pond in terms of costs. As far as the assembly work is concerned, experience has shown that there are fewer problems with the do-it-yourself kits, since all the parts are precisely matched to each other. Despite industrial production, each pond remains unique in the end, since the companies offer a variety of options that enable a very individual architectural style and at the latest when planting no pond looks like the other. Of course, this makes an objective and cross-brand cost comparison more difficult. Nevertheless, here are some examples from a German supplier of complete pool sets:

  • Complete swimming pool set 3.50 x 7.00 x 1.20 meters with a 1.50 meter high roof: 27,890 or 19,190 euros on special offer;
  • Complete swimming pool set 3.20 x 8.00 x 1.50 meters with a 1.50 meter high roof: 31,900 or 22,990 euros on special offer;
  • Complete swimming pool set 3.00 x 6.00 x 1.20 meters with a 1.50 meter high roof: 23,090 or 15,890 euros on special offer;


Here, too, interested parties who want to build their own swimming pond should thoroughly compare all the costs and equipment details and obtain as many offers as possible. The shipping costs, any tariffs for unloading by crane and the prices for the on-site assembly of an assembly team also have to be examined.

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