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Planned use, the age of the bathers and the legal requirements have a significant impact on the ideal depth of a swimming pond. Ultimately, however, the water depth of the pool is at the discretion of the pond owner, as this is also an issue of cost.

How deep a swimming pond should be depends on the desired use

When it comes to the depth of the swimming pond, personal taste always plays a primary role and of course it also makes a considerable difference in terms of costs whether the excavation for the natural pool is 1.20 or more than 2.00 meters deep. In addition, there may be special regulations on the part of the state building authority, which are ultimately important, and even the height of the groundwater level can be a reason why the depth of the swimming pond is kept below 1.50 meters.

Rule of thumb: Don't build too deep

At least that is the statement in the relevant forums and the long-standing natural pool owners justify the ideal depth of 1.30 to 1.60 meters with the fact that the maintenance effort for the swimming pond would still be within reasonable limits with these dimensions. With an average pond depth of around 1.50 metres, even tall swimmers can swim easily and without contact with the pool floor, while the creation of a separate non-swimmer zone would be worth considering for the youngest.

Lower can still be more comfortable

Even the tallest swimmer will no longer be able to stand at a swimming pond depth of two meters or more. However, swimming in pools with a small surface area will be more refreshing in the summer months, since the water volume can heat up less quickly than in a shallow pond. However, if you occasionally want to dive into the cool water with a head dive, you should build at least 2.50 meters deep. Also not unusual are eight meter deep pools in which divers can pursue their hobby.

Overall floor plan and swimming pond depth

The depth of the swimming pond also has a great influence on a natural look as possible, since the swimming area should transition as smoothly as possible into the edge and bank zones with their plants. These are ideally no less than a meter deep and at least three meters wide to increase the volume of water and reduce its warming. In summary, this means:

  • minimum swimming pond depth: 1.30 meters
  • Favorable swimming pond depth: 1.50 meters
  • Optimal swimming pond depth: 2.00 meters
  • Depth of the edge strip: approx. 1.00 metres


When considering the depth of the swimming pond, also take into account the space required for the edge of the pond. A transition that is too steep in the direction of the deeper zones creates more space in the pool, but increases the construction effort for the natural pool considerably.

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