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Some of the most beautiful orchids like to spend the summer outdoors. This does not only apply to the robust, native species. In fact, selected orchids from the rainforest prefer to unfold their exotic flower magic on the summer balcony. We'll tell you what they are here.

Orchids like to spend the summer on the balcony

Floral summer flowers for the balcony

Some of our favorite orchids get too warm on the windowsill in summer. If the temperatures exceed the maximum, the royal graces stop growing or drop the flowers. The following orchids are better placed on the balcony to show off their beautiful flowers:

  • Cambria, the easy-care multi-genus orchid
  • Lady's slipper orchid (Cymbidium), some of whose species are hardy
  • Pansy orchids (Miltonia) show their most beautiful side on the balcony from May to October
  • Tooth tongue orchid (Odontoglossum) endures without complaint when temperatures drop to 10 degrees

The popular butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) freezes at temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius, so staying on the balcony is only an option in midsummer. The same applies to the grape orchid (Dendrobium), at least for the warm house varieties such as Dendrobium phalaenopsis and Dendrobium nobile.

Care tips for the balcony

Orchids take their place in the fresh air only after the threat of late frosts has passed in mid-May. Please choose a location that is protected from direct sunlight and pouring rain. The location should be light and airy, because the UV rays and light wind keep illnesses at bay.

Since the coarse substrate dries out more quickly on warm summer days, shorter watering intervals are the norm on the balcony. Until you put the orchids in late summer, they are spoiled every 4 weeks with a special liquid fertilizer. Spray the leaves daily with lime-free water, unless the morning dew has already taken over this task.


Gluttonous snails spare no effort to crawl onto the balcony. To prevent the pests from attacking your orchids, simply hang the plants in a partially shaded, airy place that is easy to reach for maintenance work.

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