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The hollyhock fits best in a natural garden or cottage garden. However, it can also be cultivated in a pot. However, you should pay attention to a few things so that you can enjoy your hollyhock for a long time.

Hollyhocks need a large planter to thrive

Be sure to plant the hollyhock in a large enough pot. It should have a diameter of at least 40 cm. The bigger the planter the better. Provide a good drainage layer of pottery shards or similar material and possibly a drainage hole in the pot. Place the planter in a place that is as sunny and sheltered from the wind as possible.

To prevent your hollyhock from tipping over in the wind, support the plant with a stake. The hollyhock should also be watered regularly in the pot, but no waterlogging should occur in the container. Add some liquid fertilizer to your irrigation water about twice a month so that the hollyhock is supplied with the nutrients it needs.

Prefer hollyhocks in the pot

If you would like to prefer the hollyhocks indoors, the best time to sow is in February or March. Do not scatter the seeds too densely so that the seedlings can be pricked out easily later. The seeds should germinate after about 14 - 20 days at a temperature of about 20 °C if they are kept well moist.

Overwinter hollyhocks in pots

As a conditionally hardy plant, the hollyhock can spend the winter outdoors in a mild area. With a layer of brushwood or leaves you can protect the mallow a little from frost. A frost-free bright room is recommended for overwintering sensitive varieties.

The most important thing about hollyhocks in pots:

  • conditionally suitable for cultivation in pots
  • large planter required
  • Minimum diameter: 40 cm
  • give support
  • sunny sheltered location
  • fertilize regularly
  • preferred in the pot possible
  • overwintering in pots is possible with sensitive varieties


If you want to cultivate a hollyhock in a pot, choose the largest possible container and support the plant. The minimum diameter is 40 cm.

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