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Although hollyhocks are not exactly easy to care for, the maintenance effort is definitely within acceptable limits. So even garden beginners and gardeners with little time can devote themselves to this decorative plant and look forward to a rich bloom.

A little compost in spring is often enough for hollyhocks as fertilizer

Do hollyhocks need to be fertilized regularly?

Whether hollyhocks have to be fertilized regularly depends very much on their location. If they stand in nutrient-rich soil, they only need a few additional nutrients. It is then usually sufficient if you work a little well-rotted compost or some uric acid into the soil in the spring. A second dose in autumn makes sense if your hollyhock will flower next year or should flower again.

The situation is completely different with hollyhocks, which are cultivated in a pot or in a tub. Much less potting soil is available here and the nutrients are therefore also limited. You should fertilize these plants regularly. It is recommended to apply fertilizer every two weeks. It is similar with hollyhocks, which are supposed to grow on rather poor soil. They also need some support.

Which fertilizer is suitable for hollyhocks?

Mature compost or well-rotted manure is best suited as a fertilizer for hollyhocks, especially when planting they can be worked straight into the planting hole. However, if your hollyhock is dependent on regular fertilization, then the administration of liquid fertilizer is easier to handle. You can just mix it into the irrigation water.

The essentials in brief:

  • when planting: put compost, horn shavings (32.93€) or manure in the planting hole
  • with nutrient-rich soil: fertilize 1 - 2 times a year
  • in poor soil: fertilize 1 - 2 times a month
  • give liquid fertilizer in the pot about every 14 days


When fertilizing your hollyhocks, pay special attention to the soil. Over-fertilization does not make sense, but if the plant does not get enough nutrients, it will not bloom lavishly and will be susceptible to mallow rust.

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