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The tulip magnolia (Magnolia soulangeana) is not only one of the oldest magnolia breeds, but also one of the most impressive. The tree with the light pink, tulip-like flowers can assume very impressive proportions with a crown diameter of between eight and ten meters. For this reason, the tulip magnolia does not belong in small gardens, but feels most comfortable as a solitary plant with sufficient space.

The tulip magnolia feels most comfortable in the sun

Tulip magnolia prefers a sunny spot

Not only does the tulip magnolia need a lot of space, it also prefers a sunny and sheltered location. This should be as warm as possible and, above all, stop the cold east wind: this type of magnolia is one of the more sensitive and is particularly endangered by late frosts that occur in spring.

Shade the root area especially in summer

The tulip magnolia loves it warm and sunny, but not in the root area. The flat roots should stand in a moist, slightly acidic substrate and be protected from excessive heat, for example with mulch material.


Since magnolias are generally not particularly pruning-friendly, you should really only plant the tree if there is enough space in the garden - the tulip magnolia generally does not tolerate pruning or transplanting due to lack of space.

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