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The autumn anemones were recently divided, supplied with compost and pruned back for the start of the coming gardening season. But what is that? A few weeks later, signs of feeding can be seen on the young leaves…

Autumn anemones are attacked by slugs only when there is nothing tastier

Fresh shoots are at risk

Especially the fresh leaves and shoots that appear in spring are at risk of being eaten by snails. The young leaves and shoots still contain few anti-feedants, which is why the snails prefer these instead of the plant parts that are older in summer and autumn.

Therefore, be careful if you have freshly sown the autumn anemones after the winter, divided them, replanted them or cut them back heavily! Weakened plants are also more susceptible to snail damage.

Basically, they are rarely eaten

Compared to other perennials and vegetables, autumn anemones are rarely eaten by slugs. Only when the food supply is quite sparse do snails seek out autumn anemones. There are plants that have a more attractive taste that are on their menu.

What to do about snails

Once snails have spotted the plants, there isn't much you can do. Collecting the voracious animals has now proved its worth. The evening hours are ideal for this, as the snails are particularly active at sunset. You can also set up traps that kill the snails.

Prevention of snail damage

Prevention is better than resistance. You can take the following measures, among others:

  • water in the morning
  • plant the perennials in a sunny spot (preferably to avoid snails)
  • Plant plants around that snails prefer to eat (green salad)
  • Plant plants around it that repel snails (ferns, grasses, downy perennials, strong-smelling herbs, poisonous plants such as aconite, lily of the valley, foxglove)
  • Put up a snail fence


In contrast to many of its conspecifics, the autumn anemone called 'Praecox' is said not to be susceptible to snail damage.

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