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The climbing plant known as "wild wine" or "maiden vine" is - strictly speaking - different Parthenocissus species with different appearances. However, the plants are quite similar in terms of their demands and needs as well as their growth characteristics - especially when it comes to choosing the right location.

The wild wine only turns a bright red in autumn in a sunny location

The sunnier the better

Basically, the virgin vine thrives in sunny, semi-shady and even shady locations - however, the beautiful, strong orange-red autumn color is all the more intense, the sunnier and more sheltered the chosen place in the garden is. Therefore, before planting, it is best to decide on a location that is as sunny, warm and sheltered from the wind as possible, with walls or pergolas facing south or east being most suitable.

Moist and nutrient-rich soil

Wilder Wein is quite undemanding in terms of soil conditions and thrives almost anywhere. However, for good growth and beautiful foliage, the substrate should

  • humus and nutritious
  • slightly damp (no waterlogging!)
  • loose and permeable

being. If necessary, the virgin vine can also cope very well with sandy soil.


Other climbing plants are more suitable for shady locations, such as the climbing hydrangea or the evergreen ivy.

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