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Musk mallow (Malva moschata) originally comes from the Mediterranean region, but is now a popular ornamental plant in many countries around the world. The perennial summer flower shows its beautiful, white, soft pink to soft purple flowers between June and August. The upright and rather bushy perennial can grow up to one meter high. Like all mallows, the musk mallow is very easy to care for.

Musk mallow should be watered daily in the hot summer months

Which location does the musk mallow prefer?

Musk mallows prefer full sun, warm locations with well-drained, sandy soil.

Do you have to water the musk mallow regularly?

The plant should not dry out if possible and should therefore be watered regularly, especially during longer summer dry periods. However, excessive moisture and waterlogging must be avoided at all costs.

How and with what should you fertilize the musk mallow?

Regular fertilization is not necessary, instead you can provide the summer flower with compost or a liquid fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season.

Can you also cultivate the musk mallow in a pot?

A pot culture succeeds without any problems as long as the location is right and the plant is not watered too much or too little. In addition, specimens kept in planters must be regularly supplied with a suitable fertilizer (e.g. a liquid fertilizer for flowering plants).

What is the best way to propagate the Musk Mallow?

Musk mallows reproduce themselves very reliably via seeds, but can also be multiplied by cuttings in summer. Sowing is best done under glass in spring. Direct sowing can be carried out from April.

Which diseases and pests should one look out for in the musk mallow?

Like all mallows, the musk mallow is also quite susceptible to the mallow rust, which is noticeable by brown spots on the leaves and is highly contagious. Affected plant parts or plants must be removed immediately so as not to endanger the entire stock. A homemade horsetail broth often helps.

How should you prune the Musk Mallow?

A pruning is not necessary, but withered shoots should be removed immediately. This measure stimulates the plant to form new flowers and thus prolongs the flowering period. For self-sowing, however, you should leave some shoots.

Is the Musk Mallow hardy?

The musk mallow is considered to be very hardy.


Malva moschata is an old medicinal plant that used to be used primarily for coughs and sore throats, but also for throat and mouth infections. To do this, the blooming herb collected in summer is poured over with boiling water and left to infuse overnight. The brew is then poured off and used for gargling.

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