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Do you want to plant asters in your garden? Then it can be quite difficult to decide among the numerous types and varieties on the market. Here are a few tips!

Asters come in many different colors and varieties

The most famous spring asters - the mountain aster and the early summer aster

Aster species that bloom in spring include alpine aster and early summer aster. Both aster species are rather small at 20 to 30 cm, but have large leaves. They bloom from May to June.

How about the early summer aster 'Wartburgstern' or 'Light Castle'? The former has blue-purple flowers and the latter purple flowers. On the other hand, recommended varieties of Alpen-Aster are:

  • 'Dark Beauty' (violet)
  • 'Albus' (white)
  • 'Happy Ending' (pink)

Popular varieties of summer asters

Summer asters bloom from July. The golden haired aster and the mountain aster are popular. The Goldhair Aster looks rather untypical for asters. Its flowers are sun-like, bright golden yellow and spherical.

Here are some popular mountain aster varieties (also known as lime asters):

  • 'King George' with lilac flowers
  • 'Dr. Otto Petschek' with lavender blue flowers
  • 'Lady Hindlip' with deep pink flowers
  • 'Violet Queen' with dark purple flowers

3 major autumn asters

Rich flowering and valuable for the bee world - these are the autumn asters. Among them, the cushion aster, the smooth-leaf aster and the borage aster are of importance. Popular varieties of cushion aster:

  • ,Kassel'
  • ,Apollo'
  • 'Niobe'
  • 'Rose Imp'
  • 'Blue Glacier'
  • 'Lady in Blue'

The rough-leaf aster is considered to be less robust than the smooth-leaf aster. It impresses with flowers in a wide variety of colors - from red, pink, blue, purple to white. For example, the varieties 'Souvenir to Paul Gerber', 'Barr's Pink', 'Autumn Snow' and 'Violetta' are well known.

The smooth-leaf aster is considered the most important species. Its flowers are either pink or blue. It grows loosely in clumps and can reach a height of up to 1.40 m. Varieties to be recommended here: 'Blossom Sea', 'Permanent Blue', 'Carmine Dome' and 'Rosa Perle'.

Lesser known asters - insider tips

Lesser known but still pretty to look at in their location are:

  • White Forest Aster
  • Blue Forest Aster
  • Sweetheart Aster
  • Pyrenean Aster
  • wild aster
  • myrtle aster
  • Dwarf Wild Aster


How about reserving an entire patch for asters? Just plant a colorful mixture of spring, summer and autumn asters! So you can enjoy the flowers all year round.

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