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Scented geraniums smell intensely of lemon, roses or mint and are the ideal summer planting for balconies and terraces. The decorative lemon scented geranium (Pelargonium crispum or Pelargonium citrodorum) originally comes from South Africa and impresses with its bushy growth and intense pink or violet flowers. Incidentally, the plants also smell when they are not in bloom, because it is not the flowers but the leaves that give off the pleasant citrus scent.

The scented geranium lemon tolerates dryness better than wet

Which location does the lemon scented geranium prefer?

Scented geraniums should be as light and airy as possible - the sunnier their location, the more lush they bloom. It doesn't even have to be particularly hot, because the plants feel particularly comfortable at temperatures between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. However, the location should be protected from both rain and wind.

Which substrate does the lemon scented geranium need?

The plants prefer a permeable and loose, humus-rich soil. Use commercially available potting soil, which you can loosen up with a few handfuls of sand if necessary. Ensure good drainage in the pot, because scented geraniums do not tolerate waterlogging.

How should the lemon scented geranium be fertilized and watered?

Water the lemon scented geranium moderately even in summer and only when it is really necessary. Short phases of drought are survived well, but too much moisture is harmful. You should fertilize with a liquid flowering plant fertilizer (€10.47) about every three weeks, but never on dry soil.

Do you have to cut the lemon scented geranium?

Since scented geraniums only bloom on new shoots this year, you should cut the plants back vigorously in spring - to about 10 to 15 centimeters above the ground. Otherwise, faded shoots should be removed regularly so that new flowers can form again and again.

How to propagate the lemon scented geranium?

Lemon scented geraniums are best propagated from top cuttings that are cut between July and August. Only use healthy shoots without flowers and/or buds.

Are Lemon Scented Geraniums Hardy?

The plants originally come from South Africa and are not hardy in our latitudes. They should also not be planted out, only cultivated in planters.

How are lemon scented geraniums overwintered?

Put the scented geraniums in their winter quarters before the first frost. They hibernate best in a bright and frost-free place, with temperatures not dropping below 10 °C. In winter, lemon scented geraniums need very little water and no fertilizer.


Put pots of lemon-scented geraniums on the terrace or balcony to keep annoying wasps away.

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