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Star moss (Sagina subulata) is popularly known as pearlwort and can serve as an attractive lawn substitute in shady locations. Since a large number of specimens are required for planting larger areas, sowing can make sense despite the somewhat longer time it takes for the areas to be greened.

Star moss reliably sows itself

Worth knowing about Sternmoos seeds

The seeds of star moss are downright tiny. So it happens that a seed quantity of only 0.10 grams corresponds to a quantity of about 5,000 individual seeds. Sowing can take place in March or April in seed trays or directly outdoors from May. In the first time after germination, the star moss should not be placed directly in the sun. When planting young plants that have been brought forward in July and August, you should “harden” them against direct sunlight by the hour.

The perfect conditions for sowing the seeds

Star moss thrives particularly well when grown from seed under the following conditions:

  • Do not cover seeds with soil (light germinators), but press well into the substrate
  • keep evenly moist during the germination phase
  • Lower the temperature after germination (when growing in a greenhouse or cold frame

The seeds of the star moss usually germinate within a period of about a week. If it is sown directly at the location in the garden, then germinating "weeds" next to it should be regularly weeded out. Basically, the star moss thrives not only on level surfaces, but also in paving joints, wall cracks and in the rock garden. However, since it does not tolerate waterlogging very well, heavy and loamy soil should be loosened up with some sand or fine gravel and a layer of compost before sowing.

Multiply the star moss yourself

Since the seeds of Sternmoos are particularly small, harvesting them is extremely difficult and laborious for hobby gardeners. However, the seeds often sprout well by self-sowing at the location and ensure a compaction of the stock. The hardy star moss also spreads through foothills and often forms wide cushions and carpets within a year.


To make sowing easier, the dusty seeds of the star moss can be mixed with quartz sand (€15.85) or with uncooked semolina before sowing. If joints between stone slabs are to be greened with Sternmoos, sweeping in the mixture of sand and Sternmoos seeds with a broom is a good idea.

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