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The golden strawberry or Waldsteinia (lat. Waldstenia ternata) is one of the few plants that still bloom in the shade. It is ideal for planting in slightly darker corners of the garden or for planting trees and shrubs underneath.

The Waldsteinia likes to be damp

Plant the Waldsteinia

If you have the choice, then plant the golden strawberry in partial shade, where it will bloom more luxuriantly than in full shade. Although it is only about 10 - 30 cm high, it grows up to 60 cm in width. With its rhizome roots and aerial runners, it spreads quickly and multiplies independently. So it is ideal as a ground cover. With its dense growth, it even suppresses the spread of weeds.

To fill an area quickly, plant about eight to twelve Waldsteinia plants per square meter. Put some well-rotted compost in the planting hole and water the golden strawberries well. They will also need water regularly for the next few days.

Water and fertilize the Waldsteinia

The non-toxic golden strawberry can tolerate a short dry period, but generally prefers it moist. Then she shows her pretty yellow flowers from April to May. However, it is essential to avoid waterlogging and use water that is as lime-free as possible for watering.

A small application of organic fertilizer such as horn shavings ($40.00) or well-rotted compost in spring and/or fall is sufficient. Be careful not to damage the branching roots of your golden strawberry when incorporating the fertilizer into the soil.

The Waldsteinia in winter

The golden strawberry is quite hardy and not sensitive to frost. Its brownish-red autumn color is a gem for the winter garden. Remove any fallen leaves from the surrounding trees to prevent the plants underneath from starting to rot. On frost-free days, water your Waldsteinia with lukewarm water that is as lime-free as possible. You should only protect your golden strawberries from frost in the first winter.

The essentials in brief:

  • Location: semi-shady to shady
  • Soil moist and well drained
  • non-toxic but not a food plant
  • easy-care
  • hardy
  • water regularly
  • fertilize little


The golden strawberry feels most comfortable in partial shade, which is shown by its lush flowers.

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