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The masterwort (Astrantia) has become a trend plant in the garden in recent years due to its particularly attractive flowers, which are also attractive to bees. The cornerstone for a magnificent development of the Astrantia species, which are easy to care for, is laid with the selection of a suitable location in the garden.

The masterwort prefers to be in partial shade

Soil moisture as an important location factor

In addition to various cultivated varieties, you can usually purchase three important natural varieties of masterwort in the trade:

  • Caucasus masterwort (Astrantia maxima)
  • Great masterwort (Astrantia major)
  • Carinthian masterwort (Astrantia carniolica)

As a rule, all star umbel species prefer a semi-shady location, since they also depend on an evenly moist substrate in addition to nutrient-rich soil. With appropriate care in the garden, the masterwort can also thrive in full sun if it is watered sufficiently regularly during dry periods.

Suitable neighbors for the masterwort

The masterwort can be used in the garden as a soft color accent in a natural perennial bed. Due to the similar filigree flower structure, you can plant star umbels in the garden next to yarrow, for example. As a companion plant to roses, there is usually a very nice contrast, especially with carefully selected flower colors.


In nature, the masterwort often occurs in mountainous areas with calcareous soils. If the soil in your garden is very low in lime, you can easily remedy this with some garden lime (9.70€).

Help the development of the site, sharing the article with friends!