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Depending on the type - whether Japanese snowball, scented snowball, Korean snowball, … - it presents its flowers in winter or in spring or early summer. Perched atop a slender trunk, they look fabulous. Below you can read about the advantages of the trunk and what care it needs.

A snowball trunk can grow up to three meters high

Advantages over viburnum bushes

A snowball bush takes up a lot of space. He likes to grow up to 3 m high and wide if he is not stopped. But not only the smaller growth dimensions convince of a snowball trunk.

Here are the benefits:

  • only 80 to 90 cm wide
  • space-saving because compact
  • at eye level
  • Blossom scent can be inhaled well
  • Grooming is easier (without bending down)
  • out of the reach of small children and pets (is poisonous)

Here the little trunk comes to the fore!

You should plant the snowball on trunk in a sunny to partially shaded location. Areas around seating areas, fence sections and roadsides are well suited. Also in the bed, for example in the front and house garden, such a trunk is not to be despised. There it can be planted as a solitaire in the middle or in the background.

Large and deep buckets also prove to be suitable. Planted in it, the snowball tree can find space on a balcony or terrace. Another suitable location is in front of the house entrance. It greets guests to the right and left of the front door with its blossoms.

How do you keep the trunk in shape?

You should of course cut the trunk regularly so that it retains its compact shape. A spherical growth form looks best. For this it is necessary to thin out the snowball every year - preferably in summer. Disturbing shoots and shoots that have become too long and protrude from the middle should be shortened or removed.

Other care measures: pour, fertilize, hibernate

This stem needs to be watered regularly. In addition, it should receive fertilizer once a year. Compost and horn shavings are well suited.(32.93€) In the first year after planting, winter protection in the root area is also recommended.


The disadvantage of a snowball as a trunk is that this variant is significantly less durable than a shrub. In addition, the trunk absolutely needs a sheltered location so as not to have succumbed to storms.

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