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The widespread Günsel belongs to the mint family and grows up to 30 centimeters high. The plants impress with their lush growth and numerous flowers in bright colors. In addition, the bugle flowers for a very long time.

Günsel flowers from April

Günsel flowers between April and July

From around mid to late April, the first inflorescences of the Günsel appear with the approx. two centimeter long, mostly blue or blue-violet flowers arranged in false whorls. These can often be admired until July or even August.

Recommended varieties of Ajuga reptans

What is particularly interesting about the following varieties of creeping bugle is not only the bright colors of the flowers, but also the very different colored leaves.

variety leaves blossoms
Alba rich green White
atropurpurea reddish brown, shiny blue
Black Scallop very dark, shiny blue violet
Brownheart bronze violet blue
Burgundy glow checkered silvery-green violet
Catlin's Giant first red, later dark green blue
multicolor different colored purple
patina dark purple purple
Sanne dark green White
Tottenham dark brown-red pink
Silver Carpet silvery bluish
Variegata silvery green violet


Since the Günsel sows itself very quickly, the plants should be cut back after flowering. The easiest way to do this is with a lawn mower.

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