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If the Edellieschen is in the room, it is ready to bloom all year round. It is considered tireless. Still, it needs some maintenance to stay vigorous and not fall prey to pests or disease.

The Edellieschen should be watered regularly but sparingly

What should be considered when watering?

While watering should be done sparingly immediately after planting, watering must be ramped up later. But waterlogging should be avoided at all costs. Likewise, the Edellieschen does not get any persistent dryness.

Also note the following:

  • water more frequently and plentifully in summer
  • Keep soil slightly moist
  • mulch with bark or grass as a precaution
  • use low-lime to lime-free water for watering
  • water less from September
  • do not water the leaves

How often and with what do you fertilize?

It is sufficient to supply the Edellieschen with a portion of liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks. Long-term fertilizers, for example in the form of sticks, are also suitable. If the Edellieschen is outdoors, rotten garden compost is suitable, but horn shavings (€32.93) and a thick layer of bark mulch are also sufficient for fertilization.

Does the plant necessarily need a pruning?

Impatiens neuguinea tolerates a pruning at any time, as long as it is not carried out too radically. Pruning is recommended to maintain compact growth. It should best be done during the summer, because then the shoots will get longer and slowly bend downwards.

You should also remove the withered flowers - ideally every day. Sometimes flowers stick to the leaves of the plant after a rain shower. Pluck these out to avoid mold growth!

Is hibernation necessary or superfluous?

If you don't hibernate your Edellieschen, you can assume that it will not survive the winter. It originally comes from East Africa and does not tolerate frost. Even temperatures below 10 °C can affect it.

Therefore, for potted plants that were previously outside, overwintering in a warm apartment is recommended. The place should be bright, warm and protected from direct sunlight.


The Edellieschen is considered to be extremely resistant to diseases and pests. But don't trust it 100%. Nevertheless, check regularly for an infestation and avoid care mistakes!

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