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The market has many beautiful varieties of the sun bride ready. If you have become particularly fond of a variety, you can propagate it relatively easily. Below you can read about the three methods that have proven their worth…

The sun bride can easily be propagated from seeds

Division of the plant in spring

The easiest way is to divide this perennial. At best, the division takes place in the spring. But autumn is also a good time. Even those who do not want to multiply the sun bride should divide it every 3 to 4 years to rejuvenate it.

Only older, strong perennials are used for dividing. Dig up the root system and divide it (several times if necessary) with a spade. The outer parts are the best offshoots. The parts in the middle are used up and less suitable for replanting.

After dividing, the individual and newly gained seedlings are planted separately from each other. There should be a minimum distance of 30 cm between the individual plants.

Sowing seeds - child's play

The sowing of Helenium is also uncomplicated. That's how it's done:

  • Collect seeds in autumn
  • store dried in a container until spring
  • sow in pots between mid-February and late March
  • Press seeds, do not cover
  • ideal germination temperature: 20 °C
  • Germination time: 1 to 2 weeks
  • after the cotyledons appear, keep the seedlings cooler
  • prick out after 3 weeks if necessary
  • Plant out from May

Cuttings - little tested

Last but not least, propagation by means of cuttings works with Helenium. You should choose strong plants for this. The time has come in summer to late summer. It is ideal if you combine taking cuttings with pruning or removing old inflorescences from the plant.

Only the basal parts of the plant can be used for cuttings. They are stable enough and are planted in pots with potting soil. The cuttings should stay indoors for the first winter. They shouldn't be outside until next spring. Remember to water the cuttings copiously for rooting!


If you do not want to get seeds, you should cut off the withered flowers. The formation of the seed pods otherwise robs the sun bride of a lot of unnecessary strength. Another advantage: the plant develops new flower buds by autumn.

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