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In California, the hardy coneflower is often found in its wild form. In this country, they are known to gardeners as a pretty ornamental plant that shows its flowers until autumn. Which varieties are recommended?

Depending on the variety, the sun bride blooms light yellow to deep red

Varieties with red petals

The varieties that have red ray florets are best combined with the pure yellow varieties. But they also come into their own when planted with other perennials that have white or yellow flowers.

The following varieties are considered proven:

  • 'Baudirektor Linne': bright red, late flowering, 120 cm high
  • 'Moerheim Beauty': copper red, 90 cm high
  • 'Ruby Dwarf': deep wine red, 90 cm high
  • 'September Fox': fox red, 170 cm high
  • 'Indian Summer': coral red, 120 cm high

Varieties with yellow petals

Are you looking for yellow flowering varieties of Helenium? Then you are spot on with this variety:

  • 'Spherical Sun': light yellow, 160 cm high
  • 'Septembergold': golden yellow, late flowering, 110 cm high
  • 'Pumilum Magnificum': yellow, 70 cm high
  • 'Butterpat': rich yellow, 90 cm high
  • 'Wesergold': golden yellow, 70 cm high

The best variegated varieties

Surname flower color growth height
Gilded Dwarf red-brown-yellow 70 cm
Chelsea yellow Red 80 cm
Sahin's Early Flowerer yellow-copper red 140 cm
fire seal golden brown red 140 cm
RubyTuesday dark red-black red 70 cm
Smoky TopazSmoky Topaz amber-brown 110 cm
Waltraud golden brown-yellow 90 cm
flower table yellow-brown 130 cm

Interesting exceptions that step out of line

Whether yellow, red, red-brown, ruby-colored, late or early flowering, tall or dwarf - there are varieties that stand out strongly from all other specimens at their location.

This includes the following choices:

  • 'Canaria': yellow petals, slightly curved, large center, 120 cm high
  • 'Mahogany': reddish brown with yellow tips, 90 cm high
  • 'Biedermeier': brown in the middle, red flower edges, yellow flower tips, 140 cm high
  • 'Loysder Wieck': petals are curled lengthwise, 110 cm


The colorful varieties and those that clearly stand out due to other special characteristics should always be planted individually and preferably as solitaires. Otherwise, they quickly look out of place and overloaded z. B. a bed with their strong presence.

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