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Who likes to climb rickety ladders to clear a high treetop? Working with a battery powered pruner is much safer. But is it easier with this device? In fact, a pole pruner can limit the effort. However, it is important that you have a high-quality model. This guide will show you how to recognize a viable product.

A pruner makes it easier to cut taller hedges and trees

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  6. product types

    Given the pros and cons of this type of product, a cordless pruner is highly recommended compared to the alternatives. However, other models are sometimes more suitable depending on individual requirements. With the help of our comparison of the different types of pruners, you can weigh up exactly which model you should buy best.

    The battery pruner

    our recommendation
    Einhell cordless multifunction tool GE-HC 18 Li T-Solo (2-in-1 hedge trimmer and chainsaw, Oregon sword, without battery and charger)
    EUR 109.00 To the product

    After you have charged the battery - usually it is a long-lasting lithium-ion battery - in the socket, you can put the battery pruner into operation. Depending on the capacity, the work is unfortunately limited to several hours before the drive has to be recharged. In return, you benefit from the location independence. Because the battery stores the electricity, you do not have to be connected to a power supply while you work. Cordless pruners also work very quietly.

    • Ease of work through drive
    • Quietly
    • Not tied to a power source
    • Limited working time
    • charging costs

    The manual pruner

    our recommendation
    Spear & Jackson 4930FZ/09 Razorsharp telescopic pruner
    42.74 EUR To the product

    For spontaneous gardeners who need the pruner to be ready for use at all times, we recommend a manual model. You don't have to worry about the power supply here, but you have to muster all the power yourself. Of course, there are no engine noises with this type of product either.

    • Cheap
    • Quietly
    • Not tied to a power source
    • Always operational
    • A lot of effort

    The electric pruner

    our recommendation
    IKRA 78001850 electric telescopic pruning saw pruner IEAS750, cutting length 185mm, working height up to 4 meters, particularly light, incl. shoulder strap, 750 W, 230 V, red/white/grey/black
    EUR 78.90 To the product

    Don't want to wait until the battery is fully charged and still be supported by a drive? This works out! And with an electric pruner. This provides even more power than a battery-powered model. The only downside: You must always be near a socket and must not interrupt the circuit.


    Attention, due to the cable there is a high risk of injury. Be careful not to trip over the power connection or worse, cut it with the saw.

    • No loading time
    • Less effort
    • More efficient
    • Tied to a power source
    • risk of injury

    The petrol pruner

    our recommendation
    Makita EX2650LHM Gasoline Combo Engine Set 0.77kw 4 Stroke Black Blue Stainless Steel
    333.00 EUR To the product

    Finally, we would like to introduce you to the petrol pruner, which outperforms all previous models. The fuel is a petrol-oil mixture, which unfortunately you have to pay extra for. In addition to the additional costs, you should also be aware of the volume and exhaust emissions. However, if you have to cut thick branches, you can hardly avoid a powerful petrol pruner.

    • Not tied to a power source
    • Powerful
    • Additional costs for the fuel
    • According to
    • Produces exhaust gases
    • Heavy weight

    Other purchase criteria

    Now you have got to know the individual product types of a Hochenaster in detail. If your purchase decision remains with the cordless pruner, you should pay attention to the following purchase criteria when choosing the manufacturer:


    Tree trimming work often takes a while

    Experience has shown that tree work takes several hours. Especially with a not so powerful battery model you will need longer. It is therefore necessary to find a compromise between performance and working comfort. Remember that you hold the pole pruner in your hands for a long time, and that you sometimes have to hold it overhead. An important aspect, which mainly determines the ergonomics, is the weight of a battery Hochenaster. Logically, light models are preferable to a heavy one. You have to hold a battery high button in your hands the whole time while you work. Over time, heavy equipment tires your arms. However, due to the built-in battery, these types of products are always heavier than the conventional variant. Therefore, when buying, only compare cordless pruners from different manufacturers. You should not be guided by manually operated models.


    In addition to a battery pruner, many manufacturers offer a strap with which you can tie the device around your upper body. This gives you a little more stability and distributes the weight over the whole body. You should test before you buy whether you can really work better with this utensil or whether it even hinders your freedom of movement.


    our recommendation
    GARDENA telescopic pruner TCS Li-18/20 set: pruning saw for up to 30 minutes working time, up to 4 m range, 20 cm sword length, articulated head, with battery, charger and carrying strap (8866-20)
    194.00 EUR To the product

    However, a heavy dead weight does not always have to be a disadvantage. Models that are too light usually not only have a comparatively weak drive, but also show poor workmanship. Only a compact model in which all the individual parts are firmly screwed together can offer you security and good guidance. The saw blade must not wobble back and forth under any circumstances. For this property, a cordless pruner can sometimes weigh a little more.

    It is best to check whether the battery pruner is well balanced before you make the final purchase. Many models have a telescopic handle that can be extended up to 4 m. However, the more you lengthen the grip, the more wobbly things become. However, good models still allow for handy guidance.


    Not to be forgotten is of course the battery, the heart of the pruner. Its performance plays an important role in terms of branch thickness. Weak models are cheaper, but they are just as ineffective against thick branches as conventional hedge trimmers.

    Another important criterion is the relationship between charging time and battery life. After all, who wants to wait hours for the battery to be fully charged so that you can then work with the pruner for a maximum of half an hour? In the test, models with a charging time of 1.5 to 4 ampere hours have proven themselves. If you then want to get your device up and running as quickly as possible, we recommend that you look for an additional Smartstart function when you buy it.


    Attention when buying, not every product comes with a charger. Compatible utensils are also available from other retailers, but you are always on the safe side with a standard product.

    Brands/ where to buy

    our recommendation
    Black + Decker GPC1820L20-QW cordless pruner - cordless pruning saw with telescope for range up to 3.0M-18V telescopic saw
    129.99 EUR To the product

    Internet or hardware store, cordless pruners are available almost everywhere. Which supply source you decide on sometimes depends on your personal requirements. If you want a comprehensive range and are looking for the cheapest possible model, it is worth looking for a pruner on Amazon or eBay. With a bit of luck you will get reduced products here. In addition, you can find any manufacturer or you may come across a brand that was previously unknown to you through customer references.

    However, if you are very picky and usually examine your goods before you decide to buy them, you are better off at the hardware store. Here you can subject the products to a personal test and check the ergonomics carefully. Let the staff explain the various functions, advantages and disadvantages to you.

    When choosing a product, you should not be afraid of a high price range. Cheap models from the discounter may seem lucrative at first glance, but they are often a sign of poor quality. If you value a high level of working comfort and reliable safety, we recommend the following brand manufacturers:

    • Stihl
    • Husqvarna
    • unanimously
    • Bosch
    • Ryobi
    • AL-KO
    • Black & Decker
    • element
    • Fuxtec
    • Gardena
    • wolf garden
    • Greenworks

    care instructions

    If your cordless pruner is to do good work for a long time, it will require you to take care of it. Thorough cleaning after each use is essential. Remove sawdust residue and dirt with a damp cloth.

    For safety reasons, you should always check the functionality of the product before putting it into operation. Small cracks can form in the sword due to wear. In addition, the chain must be re-oiled at certain intervals and the oil level must be checked. In order not to endanger yourself, you should remove the battery before each check and only reinstall it afterwards.
    Avoid contact with moisture and store your pruner out of the reach of children.


    our recommendation
    Black+Decker Li-Ion Slidepack battery (18V 2.0Ah, suitable for all Black+Decker 18V garden tools) BL2018
    26.83 EUR To the product

    Compared to the other pruner models with a mechanical drive, the battery variant is very prone to breakdowns. The battery power type is more sensitive than a motor, let alone a device or technical assistance. So that there are no delays due to a defect, we advise you to always have a spare battery ready. Inquire about a compatible model at your point of sale, as this must fit into the charger and will be damaged if the pole pruner is not designed for the respective technology.

    In addition, there is the possibility of adding numerous functions to a cordless pruner. With additional equipment, the garden helper is not only used for cutting trees, but can also be used multifunctionally in gardening.


    If the purchase of several tools is too laborious and expensive for you, you can also get so-called multitools in the hardware store, which already contain all the accessories.

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