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With a tree bench you bring an enchanting relaxation zone into your garden, a place that often creates a special holiday flair, although you are only a few steps away from your house and still relax in the same green oasis as before. But while you sit on a round or semi-round tree bench and look around, you get to know and love your garden anew. We will tell you which criteria are particularly important when making a purchase.

A tree bench is a pretty detail for the garden

Our recommendations

our recommendation
Festnight Garden Bench Round Bench Park Bench Tree Bench Garden Furniture Garden Seating Group Half Round Bench Wooden Bench 360° Wooden Bench Hardwood
581.89 EUR To the product
material wood (eucalyptus)
shape around
style Country/Contemporary
inner diameter 70 cm
rest Yes

The Festnight tree bench combines sophisticated style that blends in with almost any garden design, with weather resistance for year-round use, stability and durability, and comfort. The 360 degree bench allows you to sit with family and friends. Up to six people can be comfortably accommodated. With an inner diameter of 70 centimetres, the solid tree bench can also be placed around sturdier trunks. The price-performance ratio is absolutely convincing - a comparatively inexpensive wooden bench for a romantic flair in the garden.

our recommendation
Ambientehome 30022 tree bench, solid wood, wooden bench, garden bench, approx. 180 cm wide untreated teak half circle round bench, grey
271.78 EUR To the product
material wood (teak)
shape semicircular
style country house/rustic
inner diameter 74 cm
rest Yes

Anyone who wants the best of the best in terms of quality and is willing and able to dig deeper into their wallets will be very enthusiastic about the tree bench from the Ambientehome brand. The country-style model is made of first-class teak. Amazon reviewers praise not only the robustness of the material, but also its pleasant feel and the special charm that comes from the fact that the bench is handmade.

our recommendation
TecTake tree bench (LxWxH 164 x 164 x 89 cm) round bench garden bench park bench metal weatherproof - anthracite -
194.99 EUR To the product
material Powder-coated steel
shape around
style classic/nostalgic
inner diameter 67 cm
rest Yes

The elegant, ornate TecTake tree bench made of dark brown metal is particularly recommended for nostalgics who want to do without the naturalness of a wooden version in favor of a relatively low price. In any case, the model is a stylish eye-catcher and well made. Amazon reviewers describe the tree bench as "a real gem" and "beautiful". Critics primarily complain about the slightly more difficult structure, which is better tackled with two people and with a bit of patience.

Purchase Criteria


wood: Wooden tree benches are the absolute classics. They embody the magnificent naturalness of the garden, take it up and underline it. Like all wooden furniture, they also radiate warmth and comfort. Fortunately, different types of wood can be used for a tree bench, especially hard tropical woods and native hardwoods. Here are some examples at a glance:

  • teak
  • acacia
  • eucalyptus
  • Black Locust
  • Oak
  • chestnut

It is important to buy a bench made of weather-resistant wood to prevent fungal attack et cetera. Benches made of soft wood are less recommended because they are not as robust, but require more maintenance.

metal/steel: Tree benches made of metal or steel can be modern or nostalgically antique in design. But they never appear as warm and harmonious as benches made of wood. In addition, in contrast to the wooden versions, they heat up quite a bit in the sun. The advantages: metal or steel tree benches are cheaper and stable, resilient, mostly weather-resistant (note the risk of rusting!) and easy to clean.

stone: Occasionally you will also discover stone tree benches. These are extremely heavy, robust and indestructible. In addition, they bring a noble, cool contrast to the tree - yet being natural and harmonizing with their wooden partner. Stone benches made of granite are particularly eye-catching.

our recommendation
Antique interior design semi-circular garden bench Roman bench stone bench bench
269.00 EUR To the product


Around: Most tree benches are round, measuring a full 360 degrees.

semicircle: In the meantime, the trade also has numerous semi-circular tree benches with a dimension of 180 degrees.

Square: Both 360 and 180 degree tree benches are available in square - for gardeners who want to combine the round trunk with a striking geometric counterpart.

our recommendation
Tidyard tree bench garden bench wood park bench outdoor bench wooden bench square bench solid acacia wood, 140x140x86 cm
225.99 EUR To the product


There are tree benches with or without backrests. A bench with a backrest is preferable, especially for a tree with a very rough bark. In general, this back-supporting element brings extra comfort with it, but tree benches with a backrest usually cost more.


As for the color of the tree bench, you basically have two options:

  • Match the tree bench to the tree: The bench should have the same tone and thus create a harmonious whole. You may even discover a model made from the same wood as the tree that will surround it.
  • Create contrast: The bench should appear in a completely different tone than the tree, for example significantly lighter or darker, perhaps even more contrasting in modern stainless steel/metal colors or in puristic white, brown or black.


There are now hardly any stylistic limits to you. From classic-elegant to simple-modern to playful-ornate, a lot is possible. Let yourself be inspired by our recommendations in this article for your dream bench.

our recommendation
Pureday Garden Bench Tree Bench - Half Round - Iron - Nostalgic Look - Approx. W148 x D74 x H78 cm - Off White
279.00 EUR To the product


We advise adapting the style of the tree bench to the rest of the garden flair. A noble-looking vintage tree bench fits harmoniously into a retro-style green oasis; on the other hand, a minimalist metal bench fits well in a relatively unfussy garden.

frequently asked Questions

What is a tree bench?

A tree bench is a special piece of garden furniture with a romantic charm. As the name suggests, such a bench is placed around a tree. It functions as a wonderfully idyllic seating area that provides shade in summer thanks to the natural sun protection provided by the densely leafy tree.

On a tree bench you can read, listen to music, watch your pets or children play or simply enjoy the fresh air and life.

For which trees is a tree bench suitable?

If there is enough space, you can build a tree bench around almost any tree. Basically there are only two requirements:

  • The inner diameter of the tree bench must be (significantly) larger than the diameter of the tree trunk.
  • The trunk of the tree should be as straight as possible, without low-hanging branches that would disturb the plan.

In addition, we recommend placing tree benches only on trees that do not pose a risk from certain insects. Example: Oak trees are not really useful, since they could be infested by so-called oak processionary moths. These special butterflies or the stinging hairs of the caterpillars trigger caterpillar dermatitis in some people.

To make your tree decision easier, here are a few more tips:

  • large treetops protect from sun and rain (good for you and for the bank)
  • on fruit and nut trees, falling fruit can cause pain and sometimes injury, as well as soiling the bench
  • Trees secreting resin or honeydew threaten to foul/gap the bank
  • unpleasant-smelling trees make sitting on the bench uninviting

Which brands offer good tree benches?

The best-known and most popular manufacturers of tree benches that are visually and functionally convincing include:

  • Beckman
  • Deuba
  • vidaXL
  • Merschbrock Trade GmbH

How much does a tree bench cost?

The price spectrum is very large. There are cheap tree benches from around 50 euros and extremely expensive models for up to 4,000 euros. Most versions cost between 100 and 1,000 euros. Tree benches made of wood are generally more expensive than versions made of metal or steel.

Where is the best place to buy a tree bench?

You can find high-quality and stylishly designed tree benches both on Amazon and in various hardware stores, such as OBI, Hornbach or Bauhaus.

How can I build a tree bench myself?

You can build your tree bench yourself with wooden boards or pallets/Euro pallets, (29.99€) screws, suitable tools and a little manual skill. The following article provides inspiration and tips:


By the way: With a complete kit including building instructions, the DIY project can also be carried out by ambitious beginners. Corresponding sets are mainly available from Amazon and some in hardware stores.

But always keep in mind: A self-made tree bench is not always cheaper than a purchased version. You should reckon with costs of at least 120 euros when building your own - if you have to buy additional tools, even more.


seat cushion

Sitting on the tree bench is generally only a relaxing pleasure when it is softly padded. That's why it makes sense to buy seat cushions in the right size as accessories.

our recommendation
Alphadeco seat cushion Uni made of 100% cotton (170g/m2) - 45x45x10cm - floor cushion, chair cushion, booster seat (grey)
14.99 EUR To the product

care oil

If you order a tree bench made of wood, it is best to order a suitable care oil at the same time to keep the wood resistant and supple. This is particularly important with untreated wood.

our recommendation
OLI-NATURA wood care oil for inside (suitable for furniture, stairs, parquet and wooden floors), 1 liter, colourless/natural
14.17 EUR To the product

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