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If you buy a multi-tool version instead of a "simple" brushcutter, you can easily do a wide variety of garden work with one device. You can find out how this looks and works in detail and what to look out for when buying in our compact article.

Cutting hedges with the grass trimmer? No problem thanks to the brushcutter multi-tool!

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  1. Types of Multitool Brushcutters
  2. Other purchase criteria
  3. frequently asked Questions
  4. Types of Multitool Brushcutters

    our recommendation
    Scheppach petrol brush cutter MFH5200-4P (1.8 HP, 4in1 multitool - lawn trimmer, hedge trimmer, pruner, 250mm sword/chain from Oregon, swivelling) with quick coupler and belt
    178.99 EUR To the product

    Essentially there is

    • 4-in-1 multi tools and
    • 5-in-1 multi-tools.

    As you can probably guess from the names, you can use a 4-in-1 multi-tool four times and a 5-in-1 multi-tool five times. This means that different attachments can be attached to the "base" of the device - depending on what is required in each case.

    As a rule, multi-tool brushcutters come with a selection of these attachments:

    • brushcutter
    • chainsaw
    • hedge trimmer
    • pruner
    • grass trimmer

    In your search for a combination tool, you sometimes come across reduced 2-in-1 multi-tool solutions. These usually "only" include two different cutting systems, namely line and blade, so that they are suitable as a lawn trimmer (€31.33) and brush cutter (€139.99).

    Other purchase criteria

    our recommendation
    FUXTEC petrol brush cutter FX-MT252ER 5-in-1 multi-tool, 52 ccm, professional carrying strap incl. 1 m extension, 3 hp combi device hedge trimmer with adjustable pole pruner combi-system brush cutter 2-stroke
    234.00 EUR To the product

    First of all, of course, you should think about the work that needs to be done in your garden. It depends on how extensive the practical multi-tool has to be in order to meet all your requirements.

    In addition, when buying a brushcutter with a multi-tool function, the following criteria should be taken into account:

    • quality before quantity
    • handling
    • interchangeability of the attachments
    • price

    quality before quantity

    our recommendation
    FUXTEC petrol brush cutter FX-MT152E 5-in-1 multi-tool, 52 cc, professional carrying strap and incl. 1 m extension 3 hp combi device hedge trimmer pole pruner combi-system brush cutter fs 2-stroke test upper class 1.4
    229.00 EUR To the product

    It goes without saying that it is nice and advantageous when a combination device for the garden has a large number of attachments. Nevertheless, you should attach the greatest importance to the quality of the versatile brush cutter - i.e. make sure that all individual parts are of high quality and durable.


    It must be easy to change the attachments of the multi-tool device. Furthermore, the garden tool should fit comfortably in your hand when you use it. Simply read the reviews of other customers to get a practical impression.

    interchangeability of the attachments

    It must be possible to buy the attachments at a fair price if they ever break.


    our recommendation
    Hecht high-quality 4 in 1 petrol multifunction device - brush cutter, grass trimmer, pole pruner and hedge trimmer in one I with ideal extension
    179.99 EUR To the product

    Don't be afraid to do a comprehensive price comparison to find the device that offers the best value for money.

    frequently asked Questions

    How does a multi-tool brushcutter work?

    You simply always attach the attachment to the base element that you want to work with at the moment. Otherwise, the combination device works like a classic brushcutter.


    You can also learn about different modes of operation and cutting tools in our comprehensive guide to brushcutters.

    Buying Guide Brushcutter

    How much does a brushcutter cost as a multi-tool?

    That depends entirely on the manufacturer, the quality and the scope of delivery. Very cheap combination devices are available from 100 euros; you should expect upwards of 200 euros for brushcutter multitools from the most renowned brands such as Scheppach and Fuxtec.

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