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Japanese pruning saws are not available everywhere, but it is worth looking for. With their unbeatably sharp blades, they enable professional, clean cuts. In this pruning saw test, find out how you can benefit from the high-quality workmanship.

Japanese saws are characterized by their special sharpness

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    Japanese pruning saws - the name alone makes the heart of an ambitious gardener beat faster. These are probably real collector's items. In fact, Japanese pruning saws are truly unique. First and foremost, however, it is not about the beautiful presentation or the value, but about the special processing that ensures clean cuts on the branches. To illustrate this, we compared the Japanese models with conventional pruning saws.

    Conventional pruning saws

    our recommendation
    WOLF-Garten multi-star - professional pruning saw - Power Cut SAW PRO 370, incl. branch hook & bark scarifier
    27.99 EUR To the product

    Conventional pruning saws come either with an electric drive or for manual use. Unfortunately, the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you should pay close attention to the processing when buying.

    Pruning saw buying guide

    • Some with electric drive
    • Cheap
    • Available everywhere
    • Not always processed to a high standard

    Japanese pruning saws

    our recommendation
    HARDTWERK Zen Japanese saw foldable (Kataba) 240 mm made of carbon steel for DIY and trade - Japanese saw fine saw for wood - pull saw wood saw
    24.99 EUR To the product

    The pruning saws produced in Japan are unbelievably sharp and precise. Some models are traditionally made by hand. The best known is the Damascus cut, in which several layers of robust material lie on top of each other. The sharpness of the saw blade is very beneficial for the health of your trees. Clean cuts allow for better wound healing and make it difficult for pests and fungi to penetrate the tree.

    • Clean cuts
    • Trees less susceptible to disease
    • High quality
    • Extreme sharpness
    • Expensive
    • Not available everywhere

    Other purchase criteria

    Read below what is important when choosing a Japanese pruning saw.


    our recommendation
    Tajima GKG240 G-Saw Folding Saw with Quick Cut Saw Blade 0.12W 0.15V Multi-Colour
    22.25 EUR To the product

    Due to the extreme sharpness of the saw blade, we recommend a foldable model. Here there is less danger of catching the open sword.


    Most Japanese pruning saws are equipped with a high-quality wooden handle. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to its ergonomics.

    cutting sheet

    Compared to conventional pruning saws, the Japanese models have special teeth. This increases towards the tip, which leads to smoother running and better cutting performance.


    The saw blade of a Japanese pruning saw also wears out over the years. A screwable handle is then helpful, with which the saw blade can be exchanged.

    Brands/ where to buy

    our recommendation
    Silky Gomtaro 10230 Large Pointed Pruning Saw - Black
    54.75 EUR To the product

    You will look in vain for a Japanese pruning saw in many hardware stores. But the chances are much better on the internet. Just look around on Amazon.

    care instructions

    Despite their robustness, Japanese pruning saws require conscientious care. Clean the cutting tool after each use.


    To make the garden accessories perfect, we recommend a protective box or at least a leaf guard.

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